Correct spelling for DEFINITINO

We think the word definitino is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for definitino

  • Defining
  • Now we face another defining hour for america and the world.

  • Definite(Definition of definite)
  • "now there is line, there is definite shape.

  • Definitely(Definition of definitely)
  • In the first place we have decided that her position in regard to my wives shall be definitely fixed, and that she shall live henceforth separated from them in another part of the house, where she shall have private attendants.

  • Definition(Definition of definition)
  • Here is another definition: man belongs to an order of beings whose goal is perfection.

  • Dentine(Definition of dentine)
  • The chloride of zinc applied to the surface of such teeth for a few moments will destroy the sensitiveness of the dentine.

  • Defending(Definition of defending)
  • Art thou sensible of the dangerous battle we are about to engage upon in defending the lacedaemonians?

  • Denting
  • Definitive(Definition of definitive)
  • We have yet no news of the signature of the definitive treaty.

  • Definiteness(Definition of definiteness)
  • True, i had much more to confess than when my trouble first awoke; but the growth in the matter of the confession had been such a growth in definiteness as well, as to make its utterance, though more weighty, yet much easier.

  • Feinting
  • Denoting
  • A man of medium height, rather slender in build, stern of feature but whose eyes beamed with kindness, serious of mien and visage and habited in a plain suit of blue flannel with two stars upon his shoulders denoting a major-general in the united states army, rose to greet them.

214 words made from the letters definitino

4 letter words made from definitino:

foie, edit, ento, inti, ofen, tone, iten, odet, tide, enif, dine, ideo, idit, odin, find, fien, toed, neon, nein, idio, itno, dent, deft, fini, info, tido, nido, font, neid, onne, tend, none, nito, fond, iiie, foni, deif, noen, nidi, tied, itoi, node, onni, diet, onen, finn, endo, nine, enof, enid, feio, dote, dein, tion, ofid, feni, tine, nfte, nodi, fode, doin, toei, oned, dint, fend, indo, fine, iino, eini, doft, iton, todi, dinn, note, nied, done, ftio.

3 letter words made from definitino:

fin, eft, die, fen, ode, tod, ton, ten, fit, fed, doe, not, net, tnf, iii, den, iod, inn, don, nit, ido, nod, dot, foe, oed, one, eon, tin, neo, oft, dit, ion, toe, tie, nne, ted, end, din, edo, ent.

5 letter words made from definitino:

fitin, teiid, infit, endon, nieto, denno, inion, toein, tiein, einin, fondi, enfin, fideo, dieof, niton, fient, ninti, ified, donen, onned, dinon, inite, fiine, fidei, iinet, notin, fiind, noite, einon, infin, toned, ifnot, finet, idite, fenit, intef, denti, indeo, feint, teifi, tieon, tonne, tinio, fenni, fetid, ennio, fiend, indie, finne, niten, foden, onnie, inetd, toine, fenno, tiden, tondi, innie, denio, tenon, nitid, foind, innit, tonin, tonen, fonti, often, tendo, doten, finot, noted, fendt, fedot, idiot, donne, fenin, odein, onend, fined, denon, nonde, inden, fonte, ideon, dinei, fonet, tined, intoe, noten, ntini, tenno, ndeti, entin, iodin, finno, itoen, fendi.