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How to spell DEFUX correctly?

If you've ever typed "defux" instead of the intended word, "defuse", don't worry; it's a common mistake. To avoid such errors in the future, check for the correct spelling, use autocorrect features or rely on online grammar tools. Remember, vigilance will ensure your writing is error-free.

List of suggestions on how to spell defux correctly

  • Debug The software engineer was able to debug the code before releasing the app.
  • Debut Her debut performance was met with thunderous applause from the audience.
  • Def
  • Defer The company decided to defer their annual picnic until next month.
  • Defoe Robinson Crusoe is probably the most famous novel authored by Defoe.
  • Defog I used the defog feature on my car's rearview mirror to clear up the condensation.
  • Deft The chef was deft in his knife skills, effortlessly slicing the ingredients with precision.
  • Defuel It is important to defuel the plane before performing any maintenance or repairs on it.
  • Defund Some people have called to defund the police and redirect those funds towards social programs.
  • Defuse The police were able to defuse the situation and negotiate a peaceful resolution.
  • Defy I am determined to defy the odds and achieve my dreams.
  • Deluxe I upgraded my hotel room to a deluxe suite for a more comfortable stay.
  • Demur The lawyer had to demur when his client asked him to lie in court.
  • Detox I am starting a detox program to improve my overall health and wellbeing.
  • DEU DEU is the country code for Germany in internet domain names.
  • DEUG
  • DEX
  • Redux The company announced the launch of Redux, a new app for organizing emails.
  • Reflux My doctor prescribed medication to help with my reflux symptoms.
  • Wefox

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