How to spell DEFYE correctly?

If you're looking for alternatives to the misspelling "defye", two correct suggestions could be "defy" or "defie". Both words convey the same meaning of refusing to obey or resist something. Remember to double-check for spelling errors or use spell-check tools to ensure accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell defye correctly

  • DEF
  • deface The vandal attempted to deface the statue by spraying it with paint.
  • defame It is illegal to defame someone's reputation without evidence.
  • defer
  • Defied I defied your order and stayed on the couch.
  • defies The magician's trick defies explanation.
  • defile The company was fined for trying to defile the river with their waste disposal.
  • define Can you please define the meaning of "sustainability"?
  • defoe
  • defog I had to defog my car windows before driving in the rain.
  • deft The deft dancer piloted her way through the dance floor.
  • defter
  • defuse The police officer managed to defuse the tense situation and prevent any violence from occurring.
  • defy The determined athlete was able to defy all odds and win the championship.
  • deify Some people deify celebrities, but they are just ordinary humans.
  • dye She was going to dye her hair blue.

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