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How to spell DEIDE correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "deide", fret not! Auto-correct often plays tricks on us. The correct spelling of the word you intended may be "decide" or "deed". So, next time, trust your instincts and choose the appropriate alternative.

List of suggestions on how to spell deide correctly

  • betide I fear what may betide if we do not act quickly.
  • dead
  • deaden He used earplugs to deaden the noise of the construction site.
  • deader The animal was already dead, but after lying there for a few hours it looked even deader.
  • decade The last decade has seen immense technological advancements.
  • decide
  • Decider The decider in this election is who you are going to vote for.
  • decode I am trying to decode the message hidden in this cryptic text.
  • Dee Dee is excited to start her new job tomorrow.
  • deed He was recognized for his good deed of rescuing a cat from a tree.
  • deeded The house was deeded to my sister by our grandfather.
  • deice
  • deiced The airplane's wings were deiced before takeoff to prevent ice buildup during the flight.
  • Deidre Dub Tuarach Deidre na Gaillimhe
  • Deirdre The ballroom was decorated with Deirdre chic.
  • deity The deity is present in every person.
  • delude He tried to delude me into thinking that he was innocent of the crime.
  • demode The fashion trend from the early 2000s is now considered demode.
  • denude Without taking the time to denude the tree of all its leaves, the sun rapidly took its toll.
  • deride The bullies would often deride the new student for their accent.
  • Did
  • dido
  • die After a long day at work, I really need to go die.
  • diode A diode is a two-lead Portable Electronic Device (PED) used in electronic devices such as radios, televisions
  • divide I'm going to divide the cake between the three of us.
  • dude I thought my friend's lame joke was a dude, but then I found out he was serious.
  • eider The eider duck is the national bird of Iceland.
  • tide The tide was low, so we were able to walk far out onto the beach.

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