How to spell DEIGHN correctly?

We think the word deighn is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell deighn correctly

  • dean He was tired when he got home; and, as you had the old horse, he sent me over to Stone Dean with it."
  • deign If such a Being be, can our blundering theories so touch his greatness that he should deign to frown upon us for them?
  • den I took a few ducats from my purse, and slipped them into her hand, and without waiting for her to find out how much I had given her I left that horrible den.
  • design The question is asked, not with any idea that this is Uraga's design, but to draw out the explanation.
  • dig For forty-eight hours he was buried alive, and had to dig his way out.
  • din Din burst into being.
  • dinghy The dinghy was bound to be drawn down, and it was not as if the submarine had a second boat which she could send to the rescue.
  • feign The man must needs feign a great dread of discovery, and tremble lest his colonel, Don Miguel Lopez, should find him out.
  • heighten This thought was soon confirmed, for the sounds now gained fast upon them, and they distinguished words which served only to heighten their apprehensions, when they reached the extremity of the woods.
  • neigh The horses neigh; away, away!
  • nigh "We'll not ha' nigh time enough to see them all.
  • night I am going to say good night to her now.
  • reign This was in the early part of Louis Philippe's reign, and under the administration of Guizot.
  • Deigned And so Sir Robert has deigned to come and see his humble dependants at last!
  • Deon
  • Devin I know Devin is really sick of hearing this.
  • Dion I Dion have a new song for you.
  • Deann
  • Diann It's not surprising that you're wearing Diana's necklace; she's always been a fan of the earthy tones.
  • DEG
  • DENG Gary was missing his glasses and his deng.
  • deigns

List of 67 words made from the word deighn

4 letter words made from deighn:

gehn, gien, egin, ding, nghe, ihde, engi, nigh, gihn, engh, dine, enid, neid, dein, nied, gied, hing, dihg, inge, ghen, gihe, hide, inhg, nige, dehn, nieh, hind, degn.

5 letter words made from deighn:

neigh, dighe, ginde, hieng, hinde, dhein, dieng, ehing, hedin, hendi, degni, dinge, deign, dhien, hinge, dhing, henig, dineh, gehin, hiden.

6 letter words made from deighn:

nighed, denigh, deighn, ghedin.

3 letter words made from deighn:

den, igd, dig, ige, din, hen, gin, hnd, inh, nig, hie, die, end, hin, gen.

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