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How to spell DEINY correctly?

The correct spelling for "deiny" could be "dainty". This word refers to something delicate or small, usually in an elegant or pleasing way. It accurately represents a refined and graceful quality, which could enhance your writing by using the correct term.

List of suggestions on how to spell deiny correctly

  • dainty She always had a dainty way of eating, taking small bites and carefully wiping her mouth after every one.
  • Danny
  • dean The university dean announced that classes would be cancelled due to inclement weather.
  • Deana Deana and her friends went to the beach for their summer vacation.
  • Deann I miss Deann so much.
  • Deena Deena is a kind and thoughtful friend who always goes out of her way to help others.
  • define Can you define what "cognitive dissonance" means?
  • deify Many ancient cultures used to deify their leaders and rulers.
  • deign The queen did not deign to speak to the commoners.
  • deigns She declined his offer of a drink, despite his deigns.
  • deity
  • Deming She studied Deming's ideas to improve her manufacturing process.
  • den
  • Dena My grandfather has a dena named Daisy.
  • DENG He was the perfect candidate for the job, but Deng turned it down.
  • Denny Denny is my best friend from high school.
  • DENS The dens of the bears were nestled deep in the forest.
  • dent
  • deny He will deny any responsibility for the accident.
  • Deon My Deon is a great friend.
  • Devin Devin is going to be attending the party this evening.
  • dewy The morning dewy air smells fresh and nice.
  • din The din of the construction next door made it impossible to concentrate on my work.
  • Dina I can't believe they chose Dina as the spokesperson.
  • dine
  • ding Ding! The bell rang signaling the end of the school day.
  • dingy The walls of the old abandoned house were covered in dingy wallpaper.
  • dink My wallet's still in my car which is a total dink.
  • dinky I can't believe she bought a dinky car.
  • Dino Dino is a big fan of Jurassic Park movies.
  • DINS The dins of the noisy city made it hard to hear anything else.
  • dint She made a large dint in the car's roof when she accidentally dropped her heavy toolbox.
  • Doing
  • Donny Donny is my best friend and we've known each other since childhood.
  • downy The baby bird had a downy coat of feathers.
  • dyeing After the dyeing process is complete, the fabric will need to be washed in order to remove any residual dye.
  • teeny The puppy was so cute with its teeny paws and tiny tail.
  • tiny This tiny house is perfect for a couple.

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