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How to spell DEISE correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "deise" could be "disease", "deice", "decrease" or "debris". It would help to understand the context in which the misspelling is used to come up with the correct suggestion. Double-checking spellings is important to avoid confusion and miscommunication.

List of suggestions on how to spell deise correctly

  • dais The speaker stood upon the dais, commanding the attention of the audience.
  • daises I love the sight of daises blooming in my garden every spring.
  • daisy
  • debase The politician's lies and unethical behavior served only to debase his reputation.
  • debs I am excited to attend the Debs ball with my friends.
  • decide
  • DECS The department is staffed with ten DECS personnel.
  • Dee Dee's favorite color is pink.
  • defuse The negotiator managed to defuse the tense situation between the two countries.
  • deice
  • deiced The plane was thoroughly deiced before takeoff to ensure safe travel in wintry weather.
  • deicer The airport applied deicer to the runway to prevent ice from forming on the surface.
  • deices The eagle eyed detective Deices tracked down the suspect.
  • deism Deism is a philosophical belief that asserts the existence of a creator based on reason, but denies any ongoing divine intervention in the world.
  • deist Thomas Jefferson was a deist who believed in a creator who did not intervene in the affairs of humans.
  • Delis I went to three different delis in search of the perfect sandwich.
  • demise After his death, many mourned the demise of a great artist.
  • Denis Denis is a popular name for boys.
  • Denise If I could, I would take Denise away with me.
  • DENS The dens of the wolves were located deep in the forest.
  • dense The wood was dense, making it difficult to move.
  • denser The pool is a bit denser than usual.
  • depose I will be happy to give you my power of attorney to depose you in the event of a legal dispute.
  • desire I desire a new cupcake recipe.
  • desk I keep all of my school supplies organized on my desk.
  • deuce After a long and tough match, the tennis player won the game with a final deuce.
  • device My phone is a device that I use every day.
  • devise The engineers were able to devise a new system that would work more efficiently.
  • dice I always roll the dice for fun.
  • die He refused to die without completing his life's work.
  • dis
  • disc On my way to the library, I saw a disc in the middle of the street.
  • disk The disk was blank.
  • DIST I can't quite make out the sign in the distance because it's too dist.
  • dose I took the recommended dose of ibuprofen.
  • douse After the barbecue, my dad had to douse the flames because the fire from the grill had gotten too high.
  • dowse The farmer used a dowsing rod to dowse for water underground.
  • dreiser James' new novel is called " Dreiser".
  • duse
  • ese I know this girl from school. Her name is Laura, but everyone calls her Ese.
  • tease She didn't mean to tease him, but her playful comment struck a nerve.
  • terse As she spoke, her voice was terse and to the point.

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