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How to spell DEIVICES correctly?

If you happened to misspell "deivices", don't worry! Here are some possible correct suggestions: "devices", "divides", "decides", "deliveries" or "derives". It's essential to double-check our spellings to ensure clear communication. Remember, a small correction can make a big difference in getting your point across accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell deivices correctly

  • deices Please use a dictionary to look up the definition of "deices.
  • deifies The cult deifies their leader as a divine entity.
  • device I always carry an extra charging device with me just in case my phone dies.
  • devices I have several electronic devices that I use daily, such as my phone and laptop.
  • devises He devises a plan to fix the problem.
  • divides The room divides into two halves.
  • divines The divines of the church held a meeting to discuss the interpretation of scripture.

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