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How to spell DEIVLS correctly?

When encountering the misspelling "deivls", there are a few possible correct suggestions that come to mind. One could be "devils", referring to supernatural beings associated with evil. Another option could be "devils", meaning mischievous or wicked individuals. Lastly, "devils", as an informal term for challenging or testing circumstances.

List of suggestions on how to spell deivls correctly

  • deals I always look for the best deals before I make a purchase.
  • decals I need to buy some new decals for my skateboard.
  • dells John visits the lakes each year to fish and hike in the dells.
  • delves She delves into the depths of the ocean to find and study rare marine life.
  • denials Despite his consistent denials, the evidence clearly implicated him in the crime.
  • devils We had to pass through the devils' playground to get to our house.
  • dials I love spinning the dials on my sewing machine.
  • DILLS My mom added dills to the pickling process to give the pickles a tangy taste.
  • DIVAS The concert featured various divas of the music industry.
  • Dives The famous dive site, Dives-sur-Mer, offers a spectacular underwater experience for scuba divers.
  • Drills Please provide the correct spelling of the word " Drills". The child was conducting controlled drills in the classroom.
  • drivels My grandfather often drivels during dinner, which amuses my children.

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