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How to spell DEKER correctly?

For the misspelling "deker", there are a few possible correct suggestions. One could be "decker", referring to a playing card with a specific design or the surname "Decker". Another option could be "decree", meaning an official order or decision. It's important to carefully consider context when determining the correct suggestion.

List of suggestions on how to spell deker correctly

  • beaker I poured the solution into the beaker to measure its volume.
  • Becker Becker is currently the CEO of our company.
  • dakar
  • danker The smell of the basement was danker than usual after the heavy rainstorm.
  • darker The sky outside was darker than I'd imagined.
  • deader After the animal was hit by the car, it lay in the road, deader than a doornail.
  • deafer After years of listening to loud music, he became progressively deafer.
  • dealer The car dealer offered me a great discount on the car of my dreams.
  • dear Dear Professor, I hope that this letter finds you well.
  • dearer These days, time has become dearer than money.
  • decked
  • decker Inside the cabinet was a beautiful wood decker.
  • decor I love the decor in this room, it's so cozy and inviting.
  • Dee Dee is studying for her biology test.
  • deed We performed the deed today.
  • deem I deem your suggestion a bad one.
  • deep My aunt is very deep.
  • deer
  • deere The hunter stalked the massive deere through the thick forest.
  • defer I will defer to your opinion on this matter since you have more experience.
  • deicer I used a deicer to clear the ice off my car windows this morning.
  • denier The denier is a scientist who doubts the theory of global warming.
  • Derek Derek cooked dinner for the family tonight.
  • deter The heavy rain did not deter the hiker from continuing on his journey.
  • dewier The morning dewier, the flowers are in bloom.
  • dicker I had to dicker with the salesman to get a better price on the car.
  • Dieter Dieter plans to diet this week.
  • Diked The farmers diked the fields to prevent flooding during monsoon season.
  • dikes The farmers built dikes to prevent flooding in their fields.
  • docker I am running a container on Docker.
  • doer A doer of good deeds is always appreciated by society.
  • dueler While his classmates dreamed of becoming doctors or lawyers, Tom dreamed of becoming a professional dueler.
  • duke John is the duke of Bedford.
  • DUKES He had two dukes as friends.
  • dyer The dyer carefully mixed the dyes to achieve the perfect shade of blue.
  • dykes I know a couple of dykes who are really into crossfit.
  • Eke My favorite flower is the Eke.
  • jeer Don't jeer when you're beat.
  • meeker I'm a meeker than most people, so I take things slow.
  • peke I think my peke is sick.
  • seeker A seeker after knowledge is a seeker after knowledge.
  • taker He is not a giver, he is a taker.
  • weaker
  • Zeke My dog is named Zeke.

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