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How to spell DELAID correctly?

If you find yourself typing "delaid" instead of "delayed", don't fret! It's a common mistake. Here are some correct suggestions to rectify the typo: delayed, deluded, detailed, delineated, diesel or delved. Remember to double-check your spelling to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.

List of suggestions on how to spell delaid correctly

  • adelaide Adelaide is known for its beautiful architecture and vibrant arts scene.
  • dead
  • Delano
  • delay There is a delay in the delivery of our package due to the weather conditions.
  • delayed
  • Delays The airline announced that there would be delays due to the storm.
  • delhi
  • deli I went to the deli to buy some sandwiches for the picnic.
  • Delia Delia is my neighbor who makes the best homemade pies.
  • Delis There are many delis in New York City that offer delicious sandwiches and bagels.
  • Delved She delved into the ancient texts to uncover the mysteries of the lost civilization.
  • detail She looked over the report with great attention to detail.
  • devoid My fridge is currently devoid of any food.
  • gelid The morning air was chill and gelid.
  • laid Anne laid the book on the podium.
  • plaid My mother always wears plaid.
  • Relaid The tiles were relaid in a new pattern to freshen up the bathroom.

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