Correct spelling for DELILIA

We think the word delilia is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for delilia

  • deli Buckethead played a tribute to all his early teachers when the Deli Creeps played a show at Styles Musics 25th anniversary.
  • delilah And now she went every day to be taught, with her books under her arm like a little school-girl; and late at night, when the rest were in bed, she went to the empty sitting-room, and sat half the night learning by heart the ten plagues of Egypt, and the highly moral histories of Samson and Delilah, Joseph and Potiphar's wife.
  • dell Here the creek wriggled through a mossy dell until it came to a sudden drop of twenty feet or more, into a pool whose shimmering surface lay darkly in the shade of great trees that lined the banks.
  • Delia I cannot believe that one sensible young woman in ten would be spoiled to the degree that Delia is spoiled, if you passed her through like temptations."
  • Della After another doubtful Raphael-the sly Cardinal Divizio da Bibbiena, No. 158-let us look at an unquestioned one, No. 151, the most popular picture in Florence, if not the whole world, Raphael's "Madonna della Sedia," that beautiful rich scene of maternal tenderness and infantine peace.
  • Leila Suppose Leila should do so this evening?
  • Lelia Brown and olive-hued Lelia! Dark as Lara, despairing as Manfred, rebellious as Cain, thou hast ranged through the depths of solitude! But thou art more ferocious, more savage, more inconsolable than they, because thou hast never found a man's heart sufficiently feminine to love thee as they were loved, to pay the homage of a confiding and blind submission to thy virile charms, to offer thee a mute yet ardent devotion, to suffer its obedience to be protected by thy Amazonian force! Woman-hero! Like the Amazons, thou hast been valiant and eager for combats; like them thou hast not feared to expose the exquisite loveliness of thy face to the fierceness of the summer's sun, or the sharp blasts of winter! Thou hast hardened thy fragile limbs by the endurance of fatigue, thus robbing them of the subtle power of their weakness! Thou hast covered thy palpitating breast with a heavy cuirass, which has pressed and torn it, dyeing its snow in blood; -that gentle woman's bosom, charming as life, discreet as the grave, which is always adored by man when his heart is permitted to form its sole, its impenetrable buckler!
  • Lila But on another hill, another couple in the midst of a flock of children attracted by one of Mr. Brotherton's smashing laughs, looked down and saw Lila and Kenyon.
  • Lilia These genera belong to the family Anthocoridae: Acompocoris Reuter, 1875 i c g b Almeida Distant, 1910 g Alofa Herring, 1976 i c g Anthocoris Fallen, 1814 i c g b Astemmocoris Carayon & Usinger, 1965 g Bilia (bug) Distant, 1904 g Blaptostethoides Carayon, 1972 g Blaptostethus Fieber, 1860 g Brachypicritus Popov & Herczek, 2011 g Coccivora McAtee & Malloch, 1925 i c g b Elatophilus Reuter, 1884 i c g b Eoanthocoris Popov, 1990 g Kitocoris Herring, 1967 g Lilia White, 1879 i c g Lyctoferus Popov, 2003 g Macrothacheliella Champion, 1900 i c g Macrotrachelia Reuter, 1871 i c g Macrotracheliella Champion, 1900 g b Maoricoris c g Melanocoris Champion, 1900 i c g b Mesanthocoris Hong & Wang, 1990 g Montandoniola Poppius, 1909 g b Orius Wolff, 1811 i c g b Paratriphleps Champion, 1900 i c g b Pehuencoris Carpintero & Dellapé, 2006 g Persephonocoris Popov & Herczek, 2001 g Temnostethus Fieber, 1860 i c g b Tetraphleps Fieber, 1860 i c g b Turnebiella Poppius, 1915 g Wollastoniella Reuter, 1884 g Xyloesteles Popov & Herczek, 2011 g Data sources: i = ITIS, c = Catalogue of Life, g = GBIF, b = Bugguide.

76 words made from the letters delilia

3 letter words made from delilia:

die, ida, ade, lid, ail, lie, all, lea, ali, lld, lii, lad, ell, ldl, aid, led, lei, eld, dia, dal, ill, dle, ale.

5 letter words made from delilia:

dalil, dille, adeli, laidi, aidil, leali, alide, iliad, aldie, lidle, liadi, ideal, delal, ileal, adili, ladle, laide, delai, dalei, daiei, eliad, dalli, aille.

4 letter words made from delilia:

dill, daie, liel, aide, idil, leda, elli, deal, idli, leil, dial, laid, deli, laie, elia, idea, liad, dale, dali, lade, daei, lead, dail, leal, idle, alii, dell, lied, lail, illi.

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