What is the correct spelling for DELIMA?

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Correct spelling for DELIMA

We think the word delima is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for delima

  • dahlia Dahlia-what has he done?
  • dali "That's the Lost Piobaireachd," said Paruig Dali when the bag sunk on his arm.
  • declaim Who can declaim as a speech or as if to an audience "John Anderson, my Jo," or "The Lover's Appeal," and not feel the situation to be ludicrous?
  • deem There are also changes which have suggested themselves as we went along which we did not deem it wise to make, inasmuch as they were not absolutely necessary, and would have involved an expenditure which we did not feel justified in making.
  • deism It was not a dilettante and aristocratic movement as deism had been in England.
  • delay And off went Sheard without delay.
  • delhi She lost her jewels in the Hoogley on the road to Delhi Durbar, and thought that as nothing to put against the satisfaction of having "shaken hands with the King-Emperor's brother," the Duke of Connaught, the memory of whose graciousness is treasured by the Shans to-day.
  • deli We acknow- ledge it thy goodness, that we are not utterly deli- vered over as a prey unto our enemies; beseeching thee still to continue such thy mercy towards us, that all the world may know that thou art our Saviour and mighty deliverer.
  • delilah At last, however, Delilah got out, Jacqueline calling after her disconsolately: "O mammy, do you believe in the two buzzards flying-" "You jes' shet dat little mouf, an' go ter sleep, honey," was Delilah's sensible reply, as she went out.
  • delimit in 2006, China and Tajikistan pledged to commence demarcation of the revised boundary agreed to in the delimitation of 2002; talks continue with Uzbekistan to delimit border and remove minefields; disputes in Isfara Valley delay delimitation with Kyrgyzstan
  • delius Should fortune frown, live thou serene; Nor let thy spirit rise too high, Though kinder grown she change the scene; Bethink thee, Delius, thou must die.
  • dell Our passage along the range thence towards Mount Owen, having been too much to the eastward, brought us upon the bend of a gully falling to the Maran; a wild and impracticable looking dell as ever was seen.
  • delta Of course I realize now that, even if a Freshman does join another frat, you can eventually get chummy with him again after college days are over if you find him worth crossing the street to see; and I find myself lending money to Shi Delts and borrowing it from Delta Whoops just as freely as if they were Eta Bites.
  • demo He'd spotted the signs of something very finicky gone very wrong and he'd given up any hope of actually doing the demo, so he'd settled in to watch the process without rancor and to learn as much as he could.
  • denim It would bring me drab and spiritless drudgery, and faded eyes, and the heart under my ribs slowly but surely growing as dead as a door-nail, and the joy of living just as slowly but surely going out of my life, the same as the royal blue had faded out of Dinkie's little denim jumpers.
  • dermal Anal opening near upper edge of thighs; opening bordered laterally by moderately heavy dermal folds and ventrolaterally by tubercles.
  • diam Fig. 64 is painted in the centre with a rose ornament, with medallions and scrolls round the rim, in blue and orange; period of Louis XIV.; diam.
  • dilemma On hearing this arrangement, I was placed in a dilemma.
  • dim And were our childhood's yearnings, Its strange hopes, no dreams then,-dim revealings Of a land that yet we travel to?
  • dime Of course, you might write forty dime novels at fifty dollars apiece and make it that way:-that means just eight a day for five days."
  • elm On the 3d, a year and a day before the Declaration of Independence, and according to tradition under the great elm still standing near Cambridge Common, he took command of the army.
  • lama On the 6th of October we left Choongtam for my second visit to the Kongra Lama pass, hoping to get round by the Cholamoo lakes and the Donkia pass.
  • lemma In morphology and lexicography, a lemma (plural lemmas or lemmata) is the canonical form, dictionary form, or citation form of a set of words (headword).
  • lima Never a babe in Port of Spain, Peabody Buildings, Portland Maine, Limerick, Lima, Boston, York, Nottingham, Naples, Cairo, Cork, Milton of Campsie, Moscow, Mull, Halifax, Hampstead, Hobart, Hull, Never a baby climbs a stair But little St Hook is waiting there.
  • limb Panting, trembling in every limb, she fought her way out.
  • lime The market-boats brought early fruits and vegetables from the Brenta and roses and gilly-flowers from the Paduan gardens; and when the wind set from shore it carried with it the scent of lime-blossoms and flowering fields.
  • limo Go Riteway Transportation Group is a commuter bus, limo, and school bus service provider based in Richfield, Wisconsin.
  • selma And I bumps into Selma wheelin' in the tea wagon.
  • Del The original was painted on the wall of a garden attached to the Palazzo Bufalo-or del Bufalo-in Rome.
  • Elam Assuming that this was the order in which events took place, are we to suppose that the first Semitic invaders of Elam found there a native population in a totally undeveloped stage of civilization?
  • Delmar Delmar thrust the revolvers into his pockets, and handed one Winchester to Mose.
  • Delia For it was not only Calliope and I who responded to Abel's light-hearted talk, but, little by little, it was Delia too.
  • Della " Della called me up at the office to tell me that one of the telephone-men had come into the house to say that if that durn boy didn't quit climbing their poles they'd have him arrested.
  • Elma After they were taken away for the second time, he watched Elma as she studied her geography lesson for the morrow, while Reggie did sums on his slate, and Paul played at checkers with Susan Sunflower.
  • Velma Really it would be kinder to you if she said less about Velma.
  • Vilma With silent haste he flung himself down beside Vilma.
  • Wilma It was as though Wilma were there beside him, as he stood before the little dusty mirror, and sounding them over and over in his ears.
  • Zelma When Zelma entered her dressing-room, on that first night at Walton, she found on her table a small spray of hawthorn-blossoms.
  • Selim Hasten, Selim, and bring that bottle; you know which and bring me the silver goblets.
  • Delmer Miss Grammont yawned, because the day was yet so young, and followed Miss Delmer up the steps of the hotel.
  • Delis The next day he sees Cliges come back whiter than the fleur-delis, his shield grasped tight by the inside straps and seated on his white Arab steed, as he had planned the night before.
  • DEM "Sure, you leave your car fer grannie, and you come vit us, and we git some dinner, and den we see dem mob scenes took.
  • limy In general, these coast deposits become more and more limy as we go toward the tropical realms, and this for the reason that the species which secrete large amounts of lime are in those regions most abundant and attain the most rapid growth.

99 words made from the letters delima

3 letter words made from delima:

dim, dal, elm, lea, lei, mil, lid, aim, eld, ale, die, mid, led, mad, lam, lie, ail, mei, med, lad, ali, ida, lem, dia, ade, dam, dle, aid, mal.

5 letter words made from delima:

delam, alide, maeil, laide, email, midea, mladi, damle, lamie, eliad, dalem, melia, maide, amedi, elima, dalei, daime, dimel, ideal, milde, aldie, media, milea, adeli, medal, amide, delai.

4 letter words made from delima:

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