Correct spelling for DENDING

We think the word dending is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for dending

  • Bending(Definition of bending)
  • "you like me," she said again, bending over a little more, for his eyes were watching the ships and she could not bear it.

  • Dentin(Definition of dentin)
  • "the tin is put in with steel pluggers, after the method of wedging; it must be thoroughly condensed, so as to leave a smooth surface, and enough used to come up to where the enamel and dentin join.

  • Lending(Definition of lending)
  • At the last he had accepted the field glasses, which she insisted upon lending him, and now he was tempted to take them from their worn, leathern case and focus them upon her face, just for the meager satisfaction of one more look at her.

  • Wending(Definition of Wending)
  • Gladly is it o'er them bending, thither wending, them protecting from the storm; gratefully its leaves bedewing, and its tender life renewing, wonders will the prayers perform.

  • Tenting(Definition of tenting)
  • Judging from louis's expressions of delight, he would have been pleased had the journey continued all day, and even jack was a trifle disappointed because the tenting grounds were reached so soon.

  • Dentine(Definition of dentine)
  • Any powder that contains pumice-stone, cuttle-fish bone, charcoal, or gritty substances of any sort, as many unfortunately do, is injurious, because these scratch the enamel of the teeth and give the acids in the mouth a chink through which they may begin to attack the softer dentine underneath the "glaze" of enamel.

  • Denying
  • He had struggled desperately against the unescapable, recognizing certain significant facts and in the same breath denying their accumulated force in sheer self-defense.

  • Rending(Definition of rending)
  • In an instant the field before praga was filled with women and children, flying in all directions, and rending the sky with their shrieks.

  • Denting
  • If pins are allowed to remain in, they leave a greenish speck wherever they have been; besides denting the straw, and probably tearing it. also, sew on the flowers, after you have arranged them to your satisfaction.

  • Sending(Definition of sending)
  • Indeed, i could almost upbraid you for sending me another bottle.

  • Tending(Definition of tending)
  • Basil and francois wondered that he did not at once pounce upon the snake, for towards it his flight was evidently tending.

  • Fending
  • And presently he assembled the sages and the theologians and the sons of the sovrans and conversed with them and asked them subtile questions and casuistical problems and talked over with them things manifold of all fashions that might direct him to rectitude in the kingship; and he questioned them also of mysteries and religious obligations and of the laws of the land and the regulations of rule and of that which it beseemeth the liege lord to do of looking into the affairs of the lieges and repelling the foe and fending off his malice with force and fight; so the subjects' contentment redoubled and their exultation in that which allah almighty had vouchsafed them of his kingship over them.

  • Vending(Definition of vending)
  • Algeria current situation: algeria is a transit country for men and women trafficked from sub-saharan africa to europe for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation and involuntary servitude; algerian children are trafficked internally for the purpose of domestic servitude or street vending tier rating: tier 3 - algeria did not report any serious law enforcement actions to punish traffickers who force women into commercial sexual exploitation or men into involuntary servitude in 2007; the government again reported no investigations of trafficking of children for domestic servitude or improvements in protection services available to victims of trafficking; algeria still lacks victim protection services, and its failure to distinguish between trafficking and illegal migration may result in the punishment of victims of trafficking (2008)

  • Deeding
  • I smell the odour of the sweat-drenched, uncleanly deeding of those savage clans about us; i see the hills lift on either hand with splintered peaks that prick among the stars-gorge and ravine and the wide ascending passes filled ever with the sound of the river, and the coarse, narrow drove-road leads into despair.

  • Denuding
  • Nearly all are arranged in regular strata, and are composed of pulverized materials-materials ground down from pre-existing rocks by some denuding and grinding action.

  • Pending(Definition of pending)
  • Paying no attention to this jocularity, mr. ryder continued: "judge rossmore is living there-pending the outcome of his case in the senate.

  • Mending(Definition of mending)
  • They were not formally concessions to fenianism, as the fenians were concerned first of all to establish a republic and then to decide upon reforms for themselves; the government merely supposed that by mending two intolerable abuses they could cut the ground from under the revolutionary movement.

  • Denoting
  • The only thing denoting active existence was a little, shrivelled man, who, with spectacles on his forehead, and hotel slippers on his feet, rapidly walked up and down, occasionally stopping at his table to sip a little weak-looking negus, which was his moderate potation for two hours.

  • Ending(Definition of ending)
  • 13,620. is the week ending 2d sept.

    i got a feeling there is no ending so hear this message that i'm sending

    – As Real As It Gets by sworn enemy

46 words made from the letters dending

3 letter words made from dending:

den, end, dig, ige, ded, din, nne, edd, nig, igd, gin, inn, die, gen.

4 letter words made from dending:

degn, dein, ding, nige, gien, didn, nein, engi, neid, enid, gied, nied, ided, ning, nine, egin, dinn, inge, dine.

5 letter words made from dending:

deign, ingen, negin, ginde, degni, dendi, nided, eddin, dieng, inden, dinge, dinde, genin.