How to spell DEPHS correctly?

We think the word dephs is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell dephs correctly

  • davis That Mr. George Jones and Mr. S. C. Hall dared not face the ultimate ordeal of a court of law must be held to justify Punch's persistently caustic denunciations; while the case of Mr. Gent- Davis, then M.P. for Kennington, served chiefly to confirm the fact that "abstractions" and "imaginary personages" find their counterparts, in the opinions of some, in real life.
  • dds Your aunt's optician is called DDS.
  • debs Debbie is leaving for vacation in a few hours.
  • deeds
  • defuse He tried to defuse the situation by proposing a compromise.
  • degas The gas was released when the cylinder was pressed down.
  • depose Paul will place George on the stand to answer questions about the deposition.
  • devise
  • dis
  • dos I dos not want to go to school today.
  • typhus I've been sick with typhus for the past few days.
  • Dies Rose dies from cancer.
  • Dives
  • Does
  • Deems
  • Demos The demos at the store are really cool.
  • Denis
  • Delis
  • Dyes
  • deans Dean's lists are compiled from the submissions of students.
  • deeps John feels the need to spend more time in the sun to nurture his skin deeps.
  • deals I'm going to have to make some deals with my competitors.
  • defers The meeting has been deferred to next week.
  • deaths
  • defies Despite his defiance, he was eventually caught.
  • doves Without the pies, the ducks would starve.
  • dupes After he spotted the dupes, he knew he had to leave before he was caught.
  • dopes I don't want to do any drugs because I don't want to get dopey.
  • depths Depths are the unseen forces that guide and manipulate the fate of planets.
  • dips Dips are delicious and easy to make.
  • dears Hey my dears, how are you all?
  • DEF
  • DPS Picking up ammo from the ammo box, I move towards the main entrance.
  • DECS The city council passed a bill setting DECS rates.
  • FEDS
  • DENS The densest part of the forest is the understory.
  • DIVAS The divas of the musical theater are known for their awe-inspiring performances.
  • DUES The dues are due next month.
  • PHIS
  • PHYS In physics, the term "field" is often used to describe the force that a magnet exerts on an iron filings.
  • TECHS I need to get my technologist on the phone.
  • dopers She's a drug user and her parents are so ashamed.
  • duffs The party was a disaster - there were draffs all over the place.
  • decks We went out to the deck to have some drinks.
  • dells The formations in the dells are beautiful to look at.
  • doffs She wore a stitchless hem and a comfortable offs.

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  • demand
  • demount
  • domain
  • domains
  • dominate
  • doming
  • domino
  • dormant