Correct spelling for DEPOENDING

We think the word depoending is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for depoending

  • Dependant(Definition of dependant)
  • The feeling that he is but a man, in the true sense of that word, as a frail and dependant being like those around him, is one of the first feelings, and perhaps not one of the least painful, which arise in such a situation.

  • Depositing
  • These birds lay their eggs in february, depositing them under any low bush in the middle of open plains.

  • Dependent(Definition of dependent)
  • For his "sweet little juli's" sake, and to obtain for her a cheap nurse who would be entirely dependent upon him, he burdened himself with the lame ropedancer.

  • Deepening(Definition of deepening)
  • "ladies," she said, her air of reserve deepening.

  • Deporting
  • The purge was done speedily and efficiently as pol pot's soldiers quickly killed at least more than 100,000 to 250,000 eastern cambodians right after deporting them to execution site locations in central, north and north-western zones within a month's time, making it the most bloodiest episode of mass murder under pol pots regime religious institutions were not spared by the khmer rouge as well, in fact religion was so viciously persecuted to such a terrifying extent that the vast majority of cambodia's historic architecture, 95% of cambodias buddhist temples, was completely destroyed.

  • Defending(Definition of defending)
  • And by and by he and i to talk, and the company very merry at my defending cambridge against oxford: and i made much use of my french and spanish here, to my great content.

  • Repenting(Definition of Repenting)
  • I should have been fearful that she was not happy, that she was already repenting her rashness in promising to marry the bayport "quahaug," but occasionally she looked at me, and, whenever she did, the wireless message our eyes exchanged, sent that quahaug aloft on a flight through paradise.

  • Pounding(Definition of pounding)
  • Very well, then, this little pig-oh, what are you pounding me for?

  • Depending
  • "i hope so, little sister," was the response, "for there's a whole lot depending on it."

  • Depleting
  • The same process was repeated, the germans advancing, their ranks depleting, and then as the french fire became even more destructive they fell back, leaving the battle ground littered with dead.

  • Upending(Definition of upending)
  • Demanding
  • Should the opportunity offer, we, in this nation, should be ready to act with promptitude in demanding that the terms suggested are of a kind which it will be possible for all parties to accept, and that the negotiations be entered upon in the right spirit.

  • Spending(Definition of spending)
  • What she liked was walking till it was time to dress for dinner, and spending the evenings in the garden.

  • Appending
  • Email appending is a controversial practice in the email marketing world, with critics claiming that sending email to people who never explicitly opted-in is against best practices.

  • Descending(Definition of descending)
  • When he could look up at last, the sun was descending toward the west.

  • Pending(Definition of pending)
  • About two years ago, some questions that were pending between me and the bishop having been settled, i went down to my parish in warwickshire, anxious to find occupation in my profession.

270 words made from the letters depoending

3 letter words made from depoending:

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4 letter words made from depoending:

gion, iong, epng, nine, pego, podi, egoi, peed, pogi, ning, deed, neon, nige, dong, onge, pedo, nego, gipn, nido, pido, indo, pion, edde, dine, gien, oned, enid, onne, ideo, deep, inge, neid, ngee, degn, gond, pene, pond, none, dego, onen, ided, nong, poin, gede, peon, noen, gied, eddo, ende, node, ngon, nein, igon, ogie, nipe, gene, done, edge, doge, penn, ding, gnod, ngoi, pine, eien, gedo, pone, dedo, ogin, dinn, eipo, dein, peen, dido, onni, gone, igoe, deop, open, eden, doin, gonn, igno, pong, egin, didn, nied, need, idog, engi, dogi, nodi, egen, endo, pedi, ping, pied, dope, odin, oddi.