Correct spelling for DEPROY

We think the word deproy is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for deproy

  • dairy To calves grown for dairy uses they may form the sole grain food.
  • deary Now, deary, tell me all about it. How did it happen?
  • decry The question is not to decry and recommence the work of our predecessors, but to perfect it in reuniting, and in fortifying by that reunion, all the truths scattered in the different systems which the eighteenth century has transmitted to us.
  • deeply In your impulsive way, you fell deeply in love with her, almost at first sight."
  • deere A second reason for use of the term "steel plow" may have developed from the supposition that the moldboards of the first John Deere plows were made of diamond-shaped sections cut from old mill saws, which later writers seem to have assumed were made of steel.
  • defray Consequently, no one could lose the benefit of a trial, for the want of means to defray expenses.
  • depart They told us that they had strongly advised him to let us depart.
  • deplore We understand one another, Paul and I, and together we deplore your feminine obstinacy."
  • deploy For the most part, the Garibaldians retired after each round, reappearing again to discharge their rifles from behind the shelter of walls and trees, while the Zouaves slowly advanced along the road, and began to deploy to the right and left wherever the ground permitted such a movement.
  • deport On the other hand, deport the Wahuma into the woods, and supply them with the finest vegetables, and always with plenty of food, and the result is, that they get depressed, their fine brown-black colour changes into ashen gray, the proud haughty carriage is lost, they contract an aspect of misery, and die in despair and weariness.
  • depose It was previously thought impossible for a German Bishop to desire to see the day when the Popes could again grasp the reins of temporal dominion which had dropped from their hands, depose monarchs, give away countries, abolish constitutions, annul laws and dispense oaths of allegiance.
  • depot He took a hasty leave of his shipmates, hired a darkey to carry his luggage to the depot, and was in time to purchase his ticket for a train that was on the point of leaving for Goldsborough.
  • deprave
  • depress
  • deprive
  • deputy
  • diary
  • dopey
  • dory
  • dowry
  • dray
  • dreary
  • drop
  • dry
  • peary
  • perry
  • pray
  • prey
  • pro
  • prow
  • pry
  • sperry
  • spry
  • teary
  • terry
  • troy
  • Vapory
  • Pedro
  • Debora There is no sight o' the young Master, Mistress Debora.
  • DEPT
  • DEPP Johnny Depp, actor; has "guessed" that he has Cherokee, "or maybe Creek," heritage, despite his genealogy showing no Native ancestry Cameron Diaz, actor Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, author; used to claim to be Cheyenne Jimmie Durham, artist
  • dippy

70 words made from the letters deproy

4 letter words made from deproy:

yedo, dero, yore, royd, edry, redo, deop, deyo, dory, deor, drey, drye, ropy, rope, yder, poer, opry, rype, prey, depr, dery, doer, prod, peyo, odey, yoed, roey, peor, pedo, dope, oder, dyer, drop, pore, roye, dopy, pyre.

5 letter words made from deproy:

deroy, pordy, ropey, pryde, prody, derpy, yoder, dopey, poder, depor, doper, poyer.

3 letter words made from deproy:

oed, dre, doe, pre, rye, edo, roe, pry, pod, pyr, dry, ore, pro, ode, red, per, rep, dye, poe, rod, edp.

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