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How to spell DEPULMATE correctly?

The correct spelling for "depulmate" might be "depilate". This term refers to the act of removing hair, typically from the body. So, if you've misspelled "depulmate", remember to use "depilate" instead to ensure accurate communication and understanding.

List of suggestions on how to spell depulmate correctly

  • cellmate My dad spent years in prison, and he formed a strong bond with his loyal cellmate.
  • copulate Cats typically copulate to reproduce and ensure the survival of their species.
  • decimate The outbreak of the virus decimated the population of the small town.
  • defalcate The accountant was found guilty of defalcating company funds for personal use.
  • deflate I was disappointed to see my favorite sports team deflate after a series of losses.
  • defoliate The strong winds defoliated the trees, leaving them bare and naked for the winter months.
  • deplane Passengers were instructed to deplane after a mechanical issue was detected on the aircraft.
  • deplete Excessive logging has caused the forests to deplete their resources.
  • depopulate The virus had the potential to depopulate entire cities if not contained quickly.
  • deprecate I would never deprecate someone's efforts, as every contribution is valuable.
  • depute I will depute my assistant to handle that task on my behalf.
  • desolate After the earthquake, the once bustling city was left desolate and uninhabitable.
  • emulate He tried to emulate his favorite athlete's style on the basketball court.
  • palmate The leaves of the maple tree are palmate with five pointed lobes.
  • peculate The corrupt politician was caught trying to peculate money from public funds.
  • populate The city's vibrant nightlife and diverse job opportunities attract people from all over the world, helping to populate its streets with a multicultural mix of residents.
  • pulsate The music at the club made the floor pulsate with energy.
  • regulate The government has implemented new measures to regulate the use of pesticides in agricultural practices.
  • repudiate He publicly repudiated the allegations made against him and maintained his innocence.
  • soulmate She had finally found her soulmate after years of searching.

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