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How to spell DERAMS correctly?

If you've misspelled "derams" and are unsure about the correct spelling, you may be referring to "dreams". It is a common mistake to insert an extra 'a' in the word. Double-check your spelling to avoid confusion and ensure your text conveys the intended message accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell derams correctly

  • dams The engineers worked tirelessly to strengthen the dams along the river, knowing that a massive storm was on its way.
  • Deems The judge deems the evidence to be inadmissible in court.
  • dermis The dermis is the middle layer of the skin.
  • dorms The university dorms were clean and spacious.
  • dram A dram of whiskey will surely warm you up on a cold winter night.
  • drama I love watching a good drama on TV.
  • Dramas I love watching Korean dramas because they always have interesting storylines.
  • draws She always draws the curtains at night to make sure no one can see in.
  • drays I borrowed your drays to move the sofa.
  • Dreams My dreams transport me to a magical world where anything is possible.
  • drums The band played all of their songs on the drums.
  • rams The football team's defense was strong, led by their hard-hitting rams.
  • REAMS The office manager ordered reams of paper for the new printer.
  • teams The two teams played against each other in a fiercely contested match.
  • terms I am happy to comply with your terms.
  • trams The streets were filled with the sound of trams as the morning rush hour began.

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