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How to spell DERVIED correctly?

If you meant "derived" instead of "dervied", here are some correct suggestions. Derived is a verb that means obtained or originated from something else. Some possible alternatives to consider include "extracted", "obtained", "gained", "acquired" or "derived from". Remember to double-check spellings to ensure accuracy in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell dervied correctly

  • Defied The brave knight defied the orders of his king to save the innocent villagers.
  • Deified The ancient Egyptians deified cats and considered them to be sacred animals.
  • Delved She delved into her memories to try and remember where she had last seen the missing key.
  • Denied
  • derived The new drug was derived from a plant found in the Amazon rainforest.
  • dervish The dervish was spinning in circles, lost in a trance of spiritual devotion.
  • Deviled I love a good deviled egg recipe for BBQs in the summer.
  • Devised The teacher devised a new teaching method to make learning more interactive.
  • Dirtied She dirtied her pristine white dress after playing in the mud.
  • divvied We divvied up the remaining pizza slices among the group.
  • dried The leaves had already dried by the time we reached the trail.
  • fervid She gave a fervid speech that inspired everyone in the audience.
  • Levied The town was levied with the imposition of a tax.
  • Nerved She was nerved by the encouraging words of her coach before the big match.
  • Served I served dinner to my guests at the dining table.

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