Correct spelling for DESERVIES

We think the word deservies is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for deservies

  • deserve "It's more than you deserve," said Jenny.
  • deserved The Hadji returned with us to Bilit, and got his desire, the Panglima-ship, and well he deserved it.
  • deserving Now there was no infant in London less deserving of a choccly at that moment than troublesome little Fay.
  • disservice May I answer without doing an injury or disservice to his Imperial Majesty?
  • reserves Had Stuart, with his 2000 horsemen, followed up the pursuit towards the bridges, the Federal reserves might have been swept away in panic.
  • serves Among youthful persons, women especially, there will be some anticipatory image which serves as a plan, and this will explain at least the otherwise inexplicable and superfluous concomitants like unnecessary cruelty and destruction.
  • deceives Would you say that the man who cheats or deceives is unjust?
  • deceivers For a moment, though, I felt a pang shoot through me-a jealous pang-as I thought that, if this new pupil came, she might bear off from me my Achille; while the next moment I was ready to laugh scornfully from the recollection that I had no Achille, that he was already another's, that men were all false and deceivers, and that I could now turn satirical, and sympathise with Clara.
  • deserves As to your kind and generous invitation, it deserves her gratitude; but Mrs. Little and myself have mingled our tears together over my poor brother's grave, and now we do not care to part.
  • derives "Two leagues from my native town there is another, one of the wealthiest and noblest of Andalusia, where lives a cavalier of quality, who derives his origin from the noble and ancient Adornos of Genoa.

160 words made from the letters deservies

4 letter words made from deservies:

5 letter words made from deservies:

sirve, deese, reiss, serve, desir, devis, sisde, siede, seree, reids, dever, siese, drees, reeds, evere, vesre, riess, sires, diver, seier, rieve, deevs, dievs, vised, reive, sersi, siers, sides, riese, siree, dries, isere, seres, servi, reise, seidr, esser, drese, eerie, vises, srvis, diese, driss, sedis, erevs, issed, riede, idees, deere, evers, verdi, erede, viers, verse, serei, rides, serse, vside, rived, seeis, dress, versi, veres, erses, reeve, seder, ivers, rises, vrede, eider, dreis, erdei, deise, viser, reses, redis, isser, derve, vreed, sever, visse, redes, veere, reede, deres, deeve, vired, vires, revis, dervs, resid, sieve, veers, desse, deiss, drive.

3 letter words made from deservies:

des, die, ese, sis, red, dis, see, ies, rid, ire, irs, sir, res, vie, sse, eve, esr, rev, dre.

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