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How to spell DESEY correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "desey", don't worry! The correct spelling could be "daisy", referring to the beautiful flower. Another possibility is "decade", indicating a period of ten years. So if you meant either of these words, you're on the right track.

List of suggestions on how to spell desey correctly

  • Dee Dee and I are planning on going to the concert together.
  • deed The deed to the house was signed by both parties.
  • deem The manager will deem it necessary to hire more employees if the workload increases.
  • deep In a deep sleep, I found myself able to escape my nightmares.
  • deer She saw a deer in the forest.
  • defy I defy you to read through this entire essay without picking a favorite word!
  • dense I'm eager to explore the dense forest outside.
  • denser The material becomes denser when heated.
  • deny I cannot deny that I ate the last cookie.
  • desert I love the hot desert sun.
  • desk I prefer a desk with a chair because it saves space.
  • dewey Don't forget to bring your dewey duffel bag.
  • dewy The leaves of the plants were dewy after the rain.
  • dicey I always feel dicey taking risks.
  • diesel I'd like to buy a diesel car.
  • disney
  • Dorsey Dorsey was excited to finally meet his favorite musician.
  • dose He takes a dose of medication every morning.
  • dosed Just because I'm off to work doesn't mean I want to be dosed with medicine all day.
  • doses The doctor prescribed three doses of medication per day for the patient.
  • dressy She wears a rather dressy outfit.
  • duse
  • dusky The sun had sunk below the horizon and the stars were shining brightly; the sky was dusky with clouds.
  • dusty I left my laptop on the dusty floor of the library.
  • ese " Ese" is a Spanish slang term that loosely translates to "dude" or "bro.
  • jersey I wear a jersey to bed to stay cool.
  • testy I'm always testy when I have to get ready for work.

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