How to spell DESEY correctly?

We think the word desey is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell desey correctly

  • dace
  • daisy The Daisy flowers in the garden are beautiful.
  • daze I was so dazed by the explosion that I didn't realize I had been hit until I felt something warm spilling down my
  • dds My dog was eating a bone that had been thrown away by a dog's owner.
  • deed The deed to the house was signed by both parties.
  • deem He deemed it important to call her immediately.
  • deep In a deep sleep, I found myself able to escape my nightmares.
  • deer She saw a deer in the forest.
  • defy I defy you to read through this entire essay without picking a favorite word!
  • deice
  • deicer I need to buy a deicer to stop the ice from forming on my car.
  • dense I'm eager to explore the dense forest outside.
  • deny After the party, I denied going home with him.
  • desert I love the hot desert sun.
  • desk I prefer a desk with a chair because it saves space.
  • deuce
  • dewey Don't forget to bring your dewey duffel bag.
  • dewy
  • dice I rolled the dice and walked away with the wrong card.
  • dicey I always feel dicey taking risks.
  • diesel I'd like to buy a diesel car.
  • dis
  • disney
  • dos
  • dose
  • dosed Just because I'm off to work doesn't mean I want to be dosed with medicine all day.
  • doss I found a do Sleeping on the living room couch.
  • dosser
  • douse
  • dowse
  • dowser The dowser looked for water with his keen eye.
  • doze I doze off during our History class.
  • dozy I was feeling dozy after sleeping so long.
  • dressy She wears a rather dressy outfit.
  • duse
  • dusky The sun had sunk below the horizon and the stars were shining brightly; the sky was dusky with clouds.
  • dusty I left my laptop on the dusty floor of the library.
  • ese She loves salsa and eese.
  • jersey I wear a jersey to bed to stay cool.
  • tease I was teasing you because I know you don't like red meat.
  • teaser The trailer for the new movie is a teaser.
  • terse The lecture was terse, to the point where I couldn't keep up.
  • testy I'm always testy when I have to get ready for work.
  • Dies Alice died in her sleep.
  • Does You should ask her does she like the dress.
  • Dee
  • Dorsey It's odd that a company would choose to name their product after a slang word for "pants.
  • Tess
  • doses
  • DUES I paid my dues years ago.
  • TEES I have some new tees that I want to wear this weekend.
  • denser

Misspelling of the day


  • crucify
  • crudity
  • crusty
  • curiosity
  • curious
  • curiously
  • ferocity