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How to spell DESKED correctly?

If you find yourself misspelling "desked" often, there are a few possible corrections. You could replace the -ed with -ing to get "desking" or use the root word "desk" in a different form, such as "desks" or "desk work". It's also helpful to take a moment to double-check your spelling before sending any emails or messages.

List of suggestions on how to spell desked correctly

  • Asked I asked her if she needed help.
  • Basked After a long hike, she basked in the warm sunlight on the rocks.
  • Busked The street performer busked all afternoon and earned a decent amount of money.
  • decked The living room was decked out in holiday decorations.
  • deiced Prince Charming was supposed to deiced the fairytale wedding, but he wasn't there.
  • descend I watched the plane slowly descend towards the runway.
  • desired The job applicant had all the desired qualifications for the position.
  • desk I always keep my pens and paper on my desk.
  • desks The students arranged their desks in a circle for the class discussion.
  • Diked I diked the area around the flower bed.
  • docked The boat docked at the marina after a long day on the water.
  • dosed The doctor dosed the patient with the correct amount of medication.
  • Ducked The duck ducked under the stool.
  • dunked Yesterday, I dunked my cookies into the milk.
  • Dusted I dusted the furniture to remove the layer of dirt.
  • Husked I have a husked ear ofcorn.
  • masked He masked his face with a scarf to protect himself from the bitterly cold wind.
  • Risked He risked his reputation by speaking out against the company's unethical practices.
  • Tasked
  • tested The gas station tested my air quality.
  • Tusked The elephant was tusked, signalling its dominance in the herd.

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