Correct spelling for DESPRESENT

We think the word despresent is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for despresent

  • Depressed
  • Two of these were back-crossed singly to depressed males and gave the results shown in table 49. males and females were not separated, since they should give the same result.

  • Despondent
  • I do not know what make or manner of bird it was that mostly sang among the palms and laurels and statues, but it had a note of liquid gold, which it poured till a certain flageo-lettist, whom i never saw, came to the corner under the villa wall and blew his soul into one end of his instrument and out of the other in the despondent breathings of most melancholy music.

  • Depressant
  • Methaqualone is a pharmaceutical depressant, referred to as mandrax in southwest asia and africa.

  • Present
  • "i'd sooner talk business with you present, mrs matheson.

  • Represent
  • Nothing could be more obtuse than to represent one as all feeling and the other all thought.

  • Dispersed
  • With these he succeeded in surprising the camp of the ammonites about the morning watch; he dispersed the hostile army and set jabesh free.

  • Depressants
  • Drugs did it, and vapors, the depressants of a hundred planets gathered and refined by bernard for his suits.

484 words made from the letters despresent

5 letter words made from despresent:

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6 letter words made from despresent:

pentre, nerses, sender, petree, steeps, sprees, nested, tepees, renest, espers, resees, dreese, desper, dessen, deener, eerste, streps, preset, esters, sendee, edress, nesser, needer, reseed, serene, trenes, senese, teends, dentes, terned, septer, resets, steeds, nester, streep, edness, spreed, neeper, espnet, steens, pender, perses, rested, terpen, teened, serest, steers, prents, peened, repens, endres, essner, endest, neeses, pester, seesen, peener, desser, petres, detsen, psenes, rentes, reedes, reeses, tessen, peeter, ensete, streed, espere, pertes, sreten, essent, denets, penser, renees, sednee, presee, sterne, sperst, restes, teered, treens, deepen, deeres, tender, enders, enters, spends, tenere, repent, tenses, teepen, spreds, entspr, senter, teenes, dnestr, sterns, repede, setser, tensed, strspn, presse, denser, tesser, steres, spener, rentee, sester, perens, stedes, ersten, erdene, depree, prests, sented, resent, dresen, nepers, speeds, desert, sensed, preens, spreen, entree, tenser, steere, reseen, espeed, ternes, trends, essere, reests, pedent, deeter, seeder, teener, deeper, seders, seeped, sneers, stends, senser, estpre, deters.

4 letter words made from despresent:

7 letter words made from despresent:

estense, pensees, dreesen, dessert, resents, dressen, needers, stender, prested, sredets, seeders, pressed, pesters, peeters, perente, resends, deepset, erdenet, needest, present, deepens, penster, penders, densest, preseed, speered, spenser, denters, serened, repents, seretse, teeners, peeress, pretend, deserts, reested, resende, reseeds, pedeses, deresse, dessent, spender, redness, serpent, persest, detener, ernests, strenes, senders, tenders, serenes, renests, deepest, pentere, depress, serpens, endress, ensteep, spersed, deseret, rentees, depeter, steepen, prented, nesters, entrees, seedset, steened, speeder, retenes, despres, terpene, preneed, renesse, dessner, presets, tendres, steeper, preteen.

3 letter words made from despresent:

end, dts, see, tpn, ret, pet, esr, pes, nee, pst, rep, dre, ter, tss, ent, ert, tee, edp, est, set, ese, des, sse, ten, stp, ern, pen, red, res, ted, pee, per, sen, net, sep, pre, den, ene.