How to spell DETUR correctly?

We think the word detur is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell detur correctly

  • darter Take me along with you to see my darter."
  • dat I reckon, I'm 'bout dat.
  • data Should data have predicted test?
  • date We've made a date for to-morrow.
  • datum Social definitions are all made relatively: an absolute datum is only imagined.
  • ddt I'd like to add a ddt to my deck.
  • dead "So you are dead to them," he said, quietly.
  • dear "Yes, I know, my dear.
  • debtor I do not want to have my debtor harassed.
  • debut Before the evening was past it had been arranged that these would-be-martyrs should hire a truck, and make their debut on Main Street the very next evening.
  • decatur 17.-Anchored at Porto Praya, where we find the Decatur, which arrived yesterday, after a passage of forty-five days from Norfolk.
  • deed "It only wants a little free-and-easyness with my lady to do the deed.
  • deer Deer, when fighting among themselves, often play more than anything, and are not serious.
  • deity "It would be absurd," said she, "to suppose that a deity could perform such an action without its having any results.
  • demur It was not without considerable demur on the part of Miss Winter, that some of these indiscriminate festivities were allowed to pass.
  • deter Nicias, perceiving that it would be now useless to try to deter them by the old line of argument, but thinking that he might perhaps alter their resolution by the extravagance of his estimates, came forward a second time and spoke as follows: "I see, Athenians, that you are thoroughly bent upon the expedition, and therefore hope that all will turn out as we wish, and proceed to give you my opinion at the present juncture.
  • detour There I had a trench cut across the track to the camp we had quitted, and also buried a letter for Mr. Kennedy, in which I instructed him to avoid that detour which might have otherwise led him into scrubs.
  • devour Those meteors that have the good fortune to be in the front of the shoal will thus escape the net, but some of those behind will not be so fortunate, and the earth will again devour an incredible host.
  • diet The white people, however, make a distinction in the species, as they suppose some kinds to be more disposed to a vegetable diet than others.
  • dot "O, ho, Dot Dimple!
  • dote You know how all the useless men in the world dote on telling a woman about her duties?
  • dour Those lines are scarcely an exaggeration; and after I had stood there listening for half an hour, I began to feel uneasily that perhaps, after all, there is in Ulster a dour fanaticism which may lead to an ugly conflict.
  • dud "But lots of fine folks come in the summer time," said Dud.
  • duet Two girls, on the bills as sisters, came forth and sang a duet that is heard occasionally at concerts given under church auspices.
  • duty It took a long time to bring those in office to a sense of their duty.
  • teeter They were small-Pop began to teeter back and forth and lift his shoulders and pull his beard-sure signs of perturbation.
  • tet
  • tutu My mum bought me a tutu for my birthday.
  • Dater My best friend and I are always on the lookout for new daters.
  • Dieter Dieter decided to try a new diet to lose weight.
  • Doter
  • Tut
  • deters
  • detours I will need to take a few detours on my way to work.
  • deader
  • defter She relied on her defter skin to cool off.

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