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How to spell DEVAH correctly?

If you're aiming for "Devah", it's essential to ensure accurate spelling. Possible correct suggestions include "Diva", "Deva" or "Dovah". These options are distinct enough to capture your desired name while avoiding confusion. Remember to double-check the correct spelling to make a lasting impression.

List of suggestions on how to spell Devah correctly

  • DAVAO Davao is a city in the southern part of the Philippines famous for its durian fruits and abundance of natural wonders.
  • DEA The DEA agent was in charge of investigating drug trafficking in the region.
  • DEAD The flower in the vase is already dead.
  • DEAF The deafening sound of the explosion left Simon temporarily deaf in one ear.
  • DEAL I made a deal with my sister to trade my chocolate for her chips.
  • DEAN The dean of the college called the meeting to order.
  • DEAR I wrote a heartfelt letter to my dear friend who lives across the country.
  • DEATH The death of her beloved dog was a devastating loss that took her months to fully process and accept.
  • DEBAR The company decided to debar the dishonest employee from participating in any future projects.
  • DECA The DECA club members were excited to attend the state competition.
  • DECAF I prefer to drink decaf coffee in the evenings so I can still sleep at night.
  • DECAL I applied a new decal to my water bottle to give it a pop of personality.
  • DECAY If we don't take care of our teeth, they will decay and eventually fall out.
  • DEGAS Degas' famous paintings depict the daily life of ballerinas and cabaret performers in Paris.
  • DeKay
  • DELAY We experienced a delay due to traffic on the way to the airport.
  • DENA
  • DEPTH The ocean is known for its great depth.
  • DETACH I need to detach myself from my emotions in order to make a logical decision.
  • DEV "I'm a DEV at a software company."
  • DEVI In Hindu mythology, Devi is often worshiped as the supreme mother goddess.
  • DEVIL The devil is often portrayed as a menacing and evil creature in various religious texts.
  • DEVIN Devin is a hardworking student who always strives for excellence.
  • DEVON I have always wanted to visit Devon and explore its beautiful scenery.
  • DeVos Betsy DeVos was the former Secretary of Education under the Trump administration.
  • DEVS The DEVS team is responsible for developing and maintaining the software system.
  • DEWAR A Dewar flask is a type of insulated vessel used for storing and transporting cryogenic liquids.
  • DEXA DEXA scans are commonly used to measure bone density in order to diagnose osteoporosis.
  • DINAH Dinah was excited to meet her new classmates on her first day at school.
  • DIVA The diva demanded only blue M&Ms in her dressing room.
  • DIVAN I sat on the divan, savoring the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee.
  • DIVAS The two singing "DIVAS" had a disagreement over who should have the solo in the next performance.
  • DVA
  • EAH
  • EVA EVA is a type of foam commonly used for padding in sports equipment.
  • EVAN
  • LEAH Leah is a wonderful name for a baby girl.
  • NEVA
  • REVA
  • TEVA
  • YEAH " Yeah, I would love to go to the concert with you," said Sarah.

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