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How to spell DEVLE correctly?

If you have accidentally misspelled "devle", worry not, as there are several alternative correct suggestions for you to consider. Some options could be "devel", "dwel" or "devil". Remember to proofread your writing and consult a spell checker to ensure accuracy and clarity in your text.

List of suggestions on how to spell devle correctly

  • dale The valley was a beautiful dale surrounded by green hills.
  • Dave I sent Dave a gift for his birthday.
  • deal I made a deal with my neighbor to mow their lawn in exchange for them feeding my cat while I'm away.
  • dealer
  • defile She refused to defile herself by getting involved in the conflict.
  • Del Del has a passion for cooking and loves experimenting with new recipes.
  • deli I went to the deli and bought a sandwich for lunch.
  • dell I purchased a Dell computer.
  • delve As I delve deeper into the research, I find myself discovering new insights and perspectives.
  • devalue Your new dress doesn't fit you well, so you devalue it and give it away to a charity shop.
  • devi Devi is a Sanskrit term meaning "goddess" or "divine mother" in Hinduism.
  • Deviled I made a batch of deviled eggs for the party.
  • devils My grandfather warned me about the Devils.
  • devolve The situation is likely to devolve into chaos if we don't take action soon.
  • dive I want to dive into the ocean and explore the underwater world.
  • dole All my poor relatives get a monthly dole from the government.
  • dove I keep a dove in my backyard to signify peace.

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