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How to spell DEWANES correctly?

If you've often found yourself misspelling "dewanes", fear not, as there are a few correct suggestions that could help. Consider alternatives such as "duanes" or "dwanes", both of which align more closely with traditional spelling patterns. Remember, a quick look-up or spell-check can save you from potential embarrassments!

List of suggestions on how to spell dewanes correctly

  • Bewares Bewares of the dangers that come with hiking in the mountains.
  • Danes The Danes are known for their exceptional Lego building skills.
  • Deans The Deans of the university held a meeting to discuss the academic policies.
  • Deaves
  • Debases The use of vulgar language regularly debases the conversation.
  • Debates The students participated in debates about the current political climate.
  • Debones I watched in awe as the chef skillfully deboned the entire chicken with just a few swift cuts.
  • Decades Decades have passed since the last time we visited this place.
  • Decants She decants the lotion into a smaller bottle for travel.
  • Defaces He was charged with vandalism after he defaced the statue in the park.
  • Defames He defames his rivals by spreading baseless rumors about them.
  • Defines The dictionary defines the word "altruism" as unselfish concern for the welfare of others.
  • Degases The purification process degases the metal before it is used for the production of the final product.
  • Delaney Delaney is ecstatic about her new job offer.
  • Demands The company demands that you fill out an application before they will consider you for the job.
  • Deplanes The passengers were all ready to deplane after the long flight.
  • Deranges She deranges the room every time she goes on a cleaning spree.
  • Derates The performance of the engine derates when exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • Dewater The company utilized a special machine to dewater the sludge and separate the water from the solids.
  • Dewaters The pump was used to dewaters the flooded basement.
  • Dewayne Dewayne is always willing to help his friends in need.
  • DeWine Ohio Governor Mike DeWine addressed the state as COVID-19 cases continue to rise.
  • Dewiness The dewiness of the morning grass was refreshing as I walked through the park.
  • Wanes As winter approaches, the daylight wanes, and it starts getting dark earlier.

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