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How to spell DEYING correctly?

If you're struggling with the misspelling "deying", there are a few alternative and correctly spelled words you can use instead. Consider using "denying" to convey the act of refusing or rejecting something. Alternatively, "delaying" can exemplify the act of postponing or putting off a task.

List of suggestions on how to spell deying correctly

  • Decaying The decaying fruit in the bowl emitted a foul odor.
  • Decoying The hunter was skilled in decoying the ducks to the perfect spot for him to shoot them.
  • Defying She is defying her parents' expectations by pursuing a career in the arts instead of following in their business footsteps.
  • Deifying I believe in deifying the exceptional.
  • Delaying Delaying the project will only lead to missed opportunities and unhappy clients.
  • Deming I'm a fan of Deming's approach to quality management.
  • Denying Denying your feelings will only lead to further internal turmoil.
  • ding The bell made a loud ding as the waitress announced that our food was ready.
  • Doing
  • Drying The drying process took longer than expected due to the high humidity in the air.
  • dyeing I will be dyeing my hair pink for the upcoming charity walk.
  • dying The soldier was dying from his wounds.
  • Eddying The dirty water eddying around the drain.
  • eyeing He was eyeing her up with a devious look in his eye.
  • Keying Keying is the process of typing in data using a keyboard.
  • retying The airplane must be retying before it can takeoff.
  • toying
  • tying I need to finish tying my shoes before we leave for the park.

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