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How to spell DGOING correctly?

If you're wondering what the correct spelling for "dgoing" could be, consider "doing" as the most plausible option. The initial 'd' and 'o' sound in "dgoing" closely resemble the correct spelling. Ensure to double-check your spelling to avoid confusion in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell dgoing correctly

  • digging I am digging a hole in my backyard to plant a new tree.
  • Diking The diking system was put in place to prevent flooding in the local river.
  • ding The sound of the ding from the microwave signaled that the popcorn was ready.
  • dogging I was giving him a good dogging throughout the night.
  • Doing I am doing my homework right now.
  • Doling My grandmother is doling out portions of pie to everyone.
  • doming
  • doping The athlete was caught doping before the competition and was disqualified.
  • dosing
  • doting The doting mother watched her child play with a smile on her face.
  • dozing She was dozing off in her chair while watching TV.
  • edging The gardener spent hours carefully edging the lawn.
  • going

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