Correct spelling for DIAFRAM

We think the word diafram is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for diafram

  • Dram
  • At any rate, there i was, sitting alone with the headman in his hut discussing a dram of "squareface" that i had given to him, for the "trade" was finished to our mutual satisfaction, and scowl, my body servant, with the hunters, had just carried off the ivory-a fine lot of tusks-to my wagons.

  • Deform
  • It may be said in answer to me that it is not enough that a certain large system of doctrine, such as that which goes by the name of catholic, should admit of being referred to beliefs, opinions, and usages which prevailed among the first christians, in order to my having a logical right to include a reception of the later teaching in the reception of the earlier; that an intellectual development may be in one sense natural, and yet untrue to its original, as diseases come of nature, yet are the destruction, or rather the negation of health; that the causes which stimulate the growth of ideas may also disturb and deform them; and that christianity might indeed have been intended by its divine author for a wide expansion of the ideas proper to it, and yet this great benefit hindered by the evil birth of cognate errors which acted as its counterfeit; in a word, that what i have called developments in the roman church are nothing more or less than what used to be called her corruptions; and that new names do not destroy old grievances.

  • Tram
  • "the tram," salome said,-"the tram; it will be cheaper."

  • Diagram
  • His frontispiece is a variegated diagram, having parts designated inigo and outigo.

  • Dream
  • No one would dream of putting him in a programme with me."

  • Diorama
  • -a gigantic moving diorama of the route of the overland mail to india, exhibiting the following places, viz. southampton docks, isle of wight, osbourne, the needles, the bay of biscay, the berlings, cintra, the tagus, cape trafalgar, tarifa, gibraltar, algiers, malta, alexandria, cairo, the desert of suez, the central station, suez, the red sea, aden, ceylon, madras, and calcutta-is now open daily.

  • Daydream
  • Earl dexter, the stetson man, with his tightly bandaged arm, his gaunt, clean-shaven face and daredevil smile, figured, too, in my feverish daydream; nor was that other character missing, the girl with the violet eyes whose beautiful presence i had come to dread; for like a sybil announcing destruction her appearances in the drama had almost invariably presaged fresh tragedies.

  • Defame
  • And well he might be proud, for that young gallant rider was nathaniel bacon, a man who has left his name upon his country's history, despite the efforts to defame him, as the very embodiment of the spirit of freedom.

  • From
  • "i want you to know this from me, now.

  • Drum
  • The only drum was that of the bullfrog, calling raw recruits from among the lily-pads.

  • Drama
  • "barrington got a taste for the drama that time," he once said to me, recalling the private theatricals, "and he keeps it up well.

  • Firearm
  • I assert it most solemnly that i never saw a negro slave worked in shackles and under a loaded firearm, neither by his master nor an overseer, nor by their command, nor by an officer of the law; and, further, that i never had information or report that such had been done.

  • Frame
  • In spite of herself a visible shudder ran through her frame.

  • Defray
  • On the contrary alabarchos, their wealthy chief, has offered to defray all the cost of the naumachia and his co-religionist artemion.

  • Durum
  • Clavularia durum hickson, 1930 clavularia eburnea kükenthal, 1906 clavularia elongata wright & studer, 1889 clavularia expansa thomson & dean, 1931 clavularia filiformis (sars, 1856) clavularia filippi (kölliker, 1864) clavularia flava may, 1899 clavularia frankliniana roule, 1902 clavularia frigida danielssen, 1887 clavularia garcia hickson, 1894 clavularia grandiflora (nutting, 1908) clavularia griegii madsen, 1944 clavularia inflata schenk, 1896 clavularia koellikeri (dean, 1927) clavularia laxa tixier-durivault, 1966 clavularia levidensis madsen, 1944 clavularia longissima may, 1898 clavularia magelhaenica studer, 1878 clavularia margaritaceum (grieg, 1888) clavularia margaritferae thomson & henderson, 1905 clavularia marioni (von koch, 1891) clavularia mikado utinomi, 1955 clavularia modesta (verrill, 1874) clavularia mollis thomson & henderson, 1906 clavularia morbesbii hickson, 1915 clavularia multispiculosa utinomi, 1955 clavularia notanda tixier-durivault, 1964 clavularia novaezealandiae brewin, 1945 clavularia ornata thomson & dean, 1931 clavularia pacifica kükenthal, 1913 clavularia parva tixier-durivault, 1964 clavularia parvula thomson & henderson, 1906 clavularia peterseni kükenthal, 1906 clavularia pregnans thomson & henderson, 1906 clavularia primula (dana, 1846) clavularia pulchra thomson & henderson, 1906 clavularia purpurascens (dana, 1846) clavularia racemosa utinomi, 1950 clavularia ramosa hickson, 1894 clavularia repens thomson & henderson, 1906 clavularia reptans hickson, 1894 clavularia rigida broch, 1935 clavularia spongicola utinomi, 1955 clavularia stormi koren & danielsen, 1883 clavularia strumosa (dana, 1846) clavularia tenuis tixier-durivault & d´hondt, 1974 clavularia thalassanthos (lesson, 1830) clavularia thompsoni benham, 1928 clavularia venustella madsen, 1944 clavularia viridis (quoy & gaimard, 1833) clavularia zanzibarensis thomson & henderson, 1906

  • Tarim
  • Conquest of the tarim basin and war with the central asians russian empire the great game 1916–1934 basmachi movement union of soviet socialist republics 1916–1934 basmachi movement

  • Diaphragm
  • So anxious was i to give him a pleasant greeting, instead of staring at him in a semi-stupefied condition, as i had done previously, that i forgot, for the moment, my determination to test my diaphragm at the first opportunity, and greeted him merely with a smile and a bow.

113 words made from the letters diafram

5 letter words made from diafram:

diram, farma, arida, maadi, farai, admir, maiar, imara, aadmi, madai, fiard, faria, aimar, rafia, fraim, drama, marda, radia, farad, farim, diara, darif, rafid, imaad, ramid, fidra, arifa, ramda, adami, ramia, armia, aradi, damri, afrim, afari, damar, aamir, madia, riada, idara, farda, irama, irada, amida, amari, damai, miraa, daraf, maria, idama, raima, mafia.

3 letter words made from diafram:

far, aid, mad, fdr, arm, imf, fri, ada, rid, fir, dim, aim, fad, ida, fda, rim, mri, iaa, ira, dia, mfa, ram, mrd, dam, rad, ara, air, mar, mid, raf, aar.

4 letter words made from diafram: