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How to spell DIASTER correctly?

If you've been spelling "diaster" instead of "disaster", fret not! Mistakes happen. Here are a few suggestions to ensure you get it right next time: remember to place the "s" before the "a", proofread your work, and rely on spell-check tools to catch misspellings.

List of suggestions on how to spell diaster correctly

  • aster
  • baster I need to get my baster to inject some flavor into the turkey.
  • caster
  • darter The little darter fish darted through the clear water.
  • Dater The dater arrived at the restaurant and ordered a glass of wine as she waited for her date.
  • diameter The diameter of the spider's web is smaller than the thickness of the string.
  • Dieter Dieter is determined to lose weight by following a strict diet and exercise regimen.
  • disaster The earthquake was a disaster for the local community.
  • duster She used the duster to clean the entire room.
  • easter
  • faster I need to run faster to win the race.
  • lister I'm considering applying for a job at the lister restaurant.
  • master The master of the house looked pleased with his new purchase.
  • mister
  • piaster
  • raster On the computer screen, the image is a raster image.
  • sister My sister is the strongest person I know.
  • taster The taster takes a small sip of each wine to determine the flavors and quality.
  • tipster He is a tipster who tips off the police about crimes.
  • toaster I forgot to put my toaster on the top rack.
  • vaster We ventured out onto the vaster world beyond the village.
  • waster The party was ruined by the presence of a waster who drank all the beer and passed out early.

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