Correct spelling for DICONARY

We think the word diconary is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for diconary

  • Diagonal(Definition of diagonal)
  • The shield is curved in at the top, corners diagonal, sides curved in and then out, bottom rounded and rests on a background of horizontal colored lines.

  • Cannery(Definition of cannery)
  • You'll be well by morning, for there's a cannery in the next inlet and i've sent a boat's crew for help.

  • January(Definition of january)
  • Daycare
  • Spain provides paid maternity leave of 16 weeks with 30-50% of mothers returning to work (most full-time) after this, thus babies 4 months of age tend to be placed in daycare centers.

  • Diagonally
  • Now, if we place 9 in the corner as shown in the diagram a, two of the corners cannot be occupied, while the corner that is diagonally opposite may be filled by 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 persons.

  • Canary(Definition of canary)
  • They prefer canary living, with the feathers on.

  • Deacon(Definition of deacon)
  • He could not refuse to let him attend the winter school, though he had told him it would pay him better to be splitting reeds in weir's swamp than in going to a woman's school-and "only a girl at that," said the deacon, with good-humoured contempt.

  • Ternary(Definition of ternary)
  • Legionary(Definition of legionary)
  • Dacron
  • Madras, introduced from india via brooks brothers to the public in 1902 argyles: in 1957, brooks brothers became the first american retailer to manufacture argyle socks for men light-weight summer suits: the first lightweight summer suits made of cotton corduroy and seersucker were introduced by brooks during the early 1930s wash-and-wear shirts: in 1953, the store pioneered the manufacture of wash-and-wear shirts using a blend of dacron, polyester, and cotton that was invented by ruth r.

  • Deanery(Definition of deanery)
  • This, however, was a long time ago, nearly two years ago; and many grave things had got themselves transacted since lucy's visit to the deanery.

  • Chicanery(Definition of chicanery)
  • It was the chicanery of blount which had ruined his father and driven colonel huff to his death, and what could be better, as poetic justice, than to see him hoist on his own petard.

  • Decry(Definition of decry)
  • Secondly, that they did not decry or depreciate human knowledge.

  • Dignify(Definition of dignify)
  • In short the world had gone pretty mad for a moment, and for that moment i felt that, in this bizarrerie of contrast it might dignify our quarrel if farrell died amid such magnificent surroundings.

  • Joinery(Definition of joinery)
  • Declare(Definition of declare)
  • You will have the goodness to declare yourself-and you also, madame.

  • Dijon
  • Bishop rivet of dijon carried off the honours of the day among the opposition.

  • Ignore(Definition of ignore)
  • Dignity(Definition of dignity)
  • Then he thought better of his dignity.

  • Deccan
  • While the women entertained the rajputs with an evening of dance and low-priced intimacy, partab shah whispered warnings to hawksworth that the road farther east was no longer safe now that civil rule in the deccan was teetering.

  • Gingery(Definition of gingery)
  • Signora(Definition of signora)
  • Dictionary(Definition of dictionary)
  • The first proved to be an ill- bound, ill printed, greek and latin dictionary; the other was a homer!

  • Dignitary(Definition of dignitary)
  • The gyp-room owned a presiding dignitary of its own who was known as the "gyp-woman," who obligingly performed that service.

  • Pecuniary(Definition of pecuniary)

325 words made from the letters diconary

4 letter words made from diconary:

dyin, roan, cyan, aidy, ancy, dran, rand, iron, oiyd, dray, niya, darn, orad, nyai, coir, oday, onay, yano, odra, rico, ryno, cyon, airy, aiyn, yaoi, inoa, rido, inya, dyno, dari, rani, anio, donc, nyco, iyad, dary, iora, cody, cron, doar, nory, noyd, arno, icon, dayi, rdio, odin, nard, yaro, yarn, aoid, yair, rain, ayni, ayin, nayd, coda, yard, nyro, road, card, iyar, nayi, arid, arcy, narc, iyan, ayon, nodi, yorn, inyo, nyra, racy, naor, cord, noya, nicy, rano, cora, yird, raid, oyid, dron, acid, dayn, inca, yino, cran, cain, rayo, rany, riyo, doin, raio, dior, oran, coya, dony, onca, cony, noir, yani, rind, dano, iran, royd, nary, nori, dayo, ryad, rony, icao, rady, riya, dory, ciao, yoan, ricy, indo, coin, nido, dyar, corn, orca.

5 letter words made from diconary:

darco, cyano, randy, doira, acidy, dinar, diran, ronca, draco, yacon, canor, cryin, cinar, dirac, nicad, dirca, ronya, yonic, caryo, oriya, iodan, ciona, raion, aynor, daoyi, diyar, radoi, yarco, croad, cairo, nacry, donar, danio, rinoa, carni, diary, cairn, racon, narod, indro, yarin, canio, oiran, adric, yonai, ornda, ircon, rando, cydia, cador, danco, conry, roady, doric, cardy, inday, nardo, crony, rodin, ranco, danic, cayon, airod, ciano, anido, ranid, aroid, nyora, radon, corny, rodia, nidar, rodya, riady, oaric, adoni, orica, candy, nidra, odair, rodna, nicor, drona, corni, dayni, dorin, acrid, racin, yandi, ordan, corna, radyo, ocain, doina, dairy, cinoa, rayno, cornd, arico, cynar, nadir, acorn, noria, carno, canid, rinca, croan, riano, cryan, onair, irony, rayon, orani, adorn, dorna, yadon, nirad, ycond, coria, craon, drain, andry, dynic, coday, cidra, canoy, roday, noica, diaco, raido, yaird, idrac, coari, narcy, niday, yanco, indra, cando, nicod, rainy, dayro, radio, aodin, oirad, nario, dorai, rocan, corda, nodar, radin, caion, iacon, oracy.

3 letter words made from diconary:

rad, any, cio, iod, dry, cro, cia, aid, con, cay, roc, cad, dia, ray, ayr, doc, arc, nay, dna, day, ain, rna, don, nad, rod, ado, ira, rid, nod, doa, coy, rya, car, ron, can, nrc, rio, icy, ani, air, oca, din, ido, yon, oar, cry, ion, ida.