Correct spelling for DICSCUSSION

We think the word dicscussion is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for dicscussion

  • Desiccation(Definition of desiccation)
  • Several lakes in the east districts at about 14,000 ft. have been of much greater extent, and connected with the river systems of the country, but they are now mostly without outlet, saline, and in process of desiccation.

  • Excursion(Definition of excursion)
  • But if you've ever been on a mariposa excursion you know all about these details anyway.

  • Digestion(Definition of digestion)
  • When utterly exhausted, he would throw himself on his pallet-bed for a few hours, and slumber heavily and feverishly; and when he could fast no longer, he would call for a meal, which must, however, be scanty, because digestion would divert the blood from his brain.

  • Discussion(Definition of discussion)
  • As the main road was forbidden to our ambulances there was an excited discussion as a result of which we separated: the vehicles to go in search of a by-way, and we, the pedestrians, to skirt the roads on which long lines of motor-lorries, coming and going, passed each other in haste like the carriages of an immense train.

  • Dissection(Definition of dissection)
  • On dissection many anatomical singularities were observed: the gall-bladder was remarkably large, the liver not bigger than that of a barn-door fowl, and after the strictest search no gizzard could be found; the legs, which were of a vast length, were covered with thick, strong scales, plainly indicating the animal to be formed for living amidst deserts; and the foot differed from an ostrich's by forming a triangle, instead of being cloven.

  • Dejection(Definition of dejection)
  • As i was contemplating this state of affairs with some dejection, and sealing my melancholy note to detective coogan, there was a quick step in the hall and a rap at the panel.

198 words made from the letters dicscussion

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5 letter words made from dicscussion:

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3 letter words made from dicscussion:

sus, con, uns, son, icu, sic, cio, cud, don, cis, dos, duo, sod, sis, sun, nod, ion, sou, nsu, cns, cos, din, oui, iud, iod, uni, sin, iso, iou, dis, ido, icc, dun, nsc, sos, doc, scd.