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How to spell DICTED correctly?

The correct spelling for "dicted" may be either "dictate" or "addicted". The context of the word may provide a clue as to which one is the intended spelling. For instance, if the sentence talks about someone being "dicted" to something, then "addicted" may be the correct suggestion. However, if the sentence refers to someone giving orders, then "dictate" may be the intended spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell dicted correctly

  • Acted She acted surprised when she received the surprise party for her birthday.
  • addicted She was addicted to her phone, checking it every few minutes for notifications.
  • Darted The rabbit darted across the field and disappeared into the bushes.
  • dated The clothing style in this magazine is so dated.
  • decked
  • dented The car door was dented after hitting a shopping cart in the parking lot.
  • depicted The painting depicted the life of a nobleman.
  • Diced I diced the onions for the stew.
  • DICT The dictator's every word was law, and the people had to obey their every dict.
  • Dicta My mother always says " Dicta is wisdome.
  • dictated The president dictated his speech.
  • dictum The dictum of the teacher was to always study hard and strive for excellence.
  • Dieted She has been on a dieted for six months.
  • Diked
  • dilated Her eyes are dilated.
  • diluted Her diluted tears parted the clouds and shined through to the other side.
  • directed She carefully directed me to the right lane.
  • Dirtied I dirtied my hands while working in the garden.
  • dittoed I dittoed her comment in the meeting.
  • docked The boat was docked at the pier while the passengers disembarked.
  • Doted My grandmother doted on her garden and spent most of her free time tending to her plants.
  • dotted John's outfit was dotted with sweat.
  • Ducked I ducked when the ball hit the water.
  • Dusted I dusted the furniture before the guests arrived.
  • Girted I girted at the guy until he hit on me.
  • kited I saw a kited surfer in the distance.
  • Ticked She went to the doctor, and he said she had ticked.
  • tilted There was a tilted table in the corner of the room.
  • tinted The car windows were tinted so darkly that it was impossible to see who was inside.

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