Correct spelling for DICTOPHONES

We think the word dictophones is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for dictophones

  • Dictaphones
  • Knowing that servants' ears were animate dictaphones, the two sahibs ate breakfast in comparative silence, the strenuous morning after the black leopard having braced their appetites.

  • Dictations
  • Miss hobby came, and on the 21st of may the dictations were resumed.

  • Doctrines
  • Your system of economy will never interfere with either my proceedings or my doctrines; and i am in no need of begging you, for i think that your action followed only your inclination and consequently your greatest pleasure."

  • Moots
  • Dictaphone(Definition of dictaphone)
  • So i devised a scheme: i took a satchel, and put in it a dictaphone, and when a cylinder was full i'd stoop and put my hand among my bottles in the satchel, as if i was compounding medicine, instead i'd put another cylinder on.

795.66666666667 words made from the letters dictophones

4 letter words made from dictophones:

cost, doch, nods, odeo, icon, opec, oche, hino, enic, hodo, noto, nips, dono, hint, dote, coto, cohn, dein, etoo, nito, epic, doin, endo, ipoh, nido, dine, eons, itch, coho, open, doot, onoe, codo, nose, osen, ento, heon, coon, eiht, oons, oids, doon, eich, doto, noth, ipho, chie, dohn, choo, icsh, host, choe, hice, eipo, hpts, dpnh, dsei, done, nits, deci, edit, choi, dehn, itoh, nith, oseo, iteh, hoos, coop, hito, othe, ocho, ohne, dith, nipe, code, copt, cent, hoop, ohno, hits, cosh, dots, node, htoo, indo, hoes, neid, oedo, iton, cedi, chop, noho, itno, hens, nied, otis, cdop, ochs, coot, ecto, ideo, noce, hoti, diet, dips, odet, cseh, coos, hedo, hoon, hoot, nieh, dish, hiep, ondo, ooid, inst, ides, odeh, ithe, nosh, ices, hops, octo, inch, hide, ends, nest, iten, hodn, cite, disc, hisn, echo, cope, opet, dose, nets, hooi, iodo, nhot, chon, echt, chip, otic, epos, oths, noio, chit, nodi, hone, coin, donc, nice, cpio, neoh, inec, ooph, esop, cote, odio, chin, dint, enoh, opon, note, oned, cots, hose, hood, ncoh, cone, ihde, onos, hopi, ohos, hope, cons, osco, ohio, odin, ipco, icse, otoe, iced, noch, oont, etch, dice, hind, coen, enid, dent, deop, once, hoei, insh, deth, dope.

5 letter words made from dictophones:

cient, coion, entsi, ethoi, diose, hepsi, espoo, deshi, cothi, dhoop, eshop, ecton, const, desio, coops, cinto, chito, cisne, denso, edits, deich, condo, costo, donot, echoi, codon, cseti, donts, chits, hiden, conto, heins, chios, epist, hinse, cpdih, depot, chons, coset, hends, heico, conti, cosed, coost, eshoo, donop, censo, coits, chide, disco, dinho, cheon, depth, cosio, dinse, coots, copeh, conse, eidos, cipot, copse, chepo, cipto, dosch, edict, hinte, dooce, dicto, chood, dhein, hints, ethic, hecto, cohos, econo, chino, chopi, cenpi, dicot, hedin, dhien, choti, coote, ensco, dints, doesn, dhote, doshi, etsin, dosco, cenph, chien, eosin, dopes, dents, echos, hoist, cedit, ethin, choon, copie, dison, eisch, dinos, codes, cohns, ethos, ciose, chooi, denti, dicht, dicts, ecoid, cohon, desch, heidt, hendi, dohse, ditch, ethno, doose, epoch, dioon, dineh, ethio, docos, depts, coted, doson, doone, dhoni, chine, cohoe, desto, copei, choot, hides, coons, dosti, dicho, doits, doten, chest, copen, chedi, hoest, deist, hiten, epics, chein, enshi, dhoti, chodo, cones, echis, cions, dosie, doest, hents, dench, cines, etons, centi, coens, coton, hinde, epton, heino, cione, dines, dices, doseh, choen, docht, heist, dinch, hedon, diest, chone, hinds, hdnet, etich, dones, dipso, hondo, dioch, eison, henio, denio, coden, desco, chipo, coths, ciste, cites, heids, dhoot, doeth, cnote, cooie.

3 letter words made from dictophones:

hoe, oto, end, cpi, cio, top, dph, opt, cps, cns, ipo, dts, epi, coo, nsc, otc, hop, hod, tic, pct, hin, doe, don, phd, pic, dit, tcp, dec, iso, pit, dis, doc, hie, pet, oct, thd, pot, din, cos, het, sec, sic, pei, des, pst, con, cis, hep, doh, etc, ice, stp, edo, sen, ceo, too, tin, ies, idp, nec, nit, hen, dip, dot, ent, phi, tpn, sth, toe, dos, pie, cot, soh, pid, die, hip, ido, ion, cop, ten, ton, thc, psi, hot, pen, pes, pin, ono, ted, eos, pod, son, not, tie, tip, hnd, sot, cst, oed, nip, tho, ode, nod, net, est, sod, edp, sep, eon, poe, sop, neo, chi, scd, one, ops, set, tod, iod, sin, tsh, nth, poi, den, inh, sit, sip, tec, ect.