How to spell DIESLES correctly?

We think the word diesles is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell diesles correctly

  • diesel
  • disease I have a disease that means I can't have children.
  • disuse
  • dulles
  • measles When chickenpox is accompanied by measles, a more serious illness occurs.
  • Daisies
  • Dioceses The Diocese of Reno is made up of 23 parishes.
  • Delis I love browsing through the delis in my town.
  • Diseases Some diseases can be fatal.
  • dispels The cloud dispels the morning mist.
  • dislikes Tonight, she's going to help me clean the house, and she dislikes doing house chores.
  • dissolves This drink dissolves quickly in water.
  • disables
  • defiles The disgusting smell of defiles lingered in the air.
  • deals
  • desires I desire to learn more about history.
  • dealers Some dealers are authorized to sell vehicles in other states.
  • tousles
  • doses I was given a safe dosage of the medication.
  • doles Each student received a small package of food doled out by the school.
  • dazzles
  • isles The isles are a group of small, scattered islands in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • desks She placed her purse on the floor by her desk.
  • douses The entire room was doused in extinguisher foam.
  • tussles
  • dials
  • DILLS I put some dills on my burger.
  • DIPOLES The Dipoles attraction at the zoo was fun for all ages.
  • tiles The tiles on the floor were cold.
  • deckles Her hair was pulled into a tight bun on top of her head and her ponytail was tucked neatly inside of it.
  • aisles In Cistercian abbeys, the churches of which were wholly devoted to the uses of the monastery, the aisles of the nave were divided into chapels by transverse walls.
  • dales The dales are a remote and beautiful part of the country.
  • duels The Duellists fought their duels to the death.
  • desalts
  • diddles
  • diesels
  • dices Please dice the tomatoes.
  • drizzles
  • disks The computer has four disks.
  • dells The US department store, Dillards, is located in the Dell district.
  • tinsels
  • sidles The gazelle sidles away.
  • deists In 1793, deists attempted to overthrow the French monarchy.
  • daises Mary ate daises for breakfast.
  • damsels They were enjoying their damsels night out.
  • deuces
  • deices She placed the nude deices on the bureau.

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