What is the correct spelling for DIMENISHES?

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Correct spelling for DIMENISHES

We think the word dimenishes is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for dimenishes

  • dimension Webster, with too much contempt for the opinion of "Lowth, followed by the whole tribe of writers on this subject," declares it "a palpable error," to suppose "prepositions to be understood before these expressions;" and, by two new rules, his 22d and 28th, teaches, that, "Names of measure or dimension, followed by an adjective," and "Names of certain portions of time and space, and especially words denoting continuance of time or progression, are used without a governing word."
  • diminish And here again we may confidently hope that an increased and more accurate appreciation of the causes that determine human welfare will do much to diminish this antagonism.
  • diminished He took a bold stand against the corruptions of the proprietary government and strongly advocated an alteration of the charter that peculation might be diminished and abuses corrected.
  • diminishes How the little band diminishes!
  • demolishes Blaster demolishes three chimneys.
  • admonishes He admonishes the Emperor to consult the dictates of justice; to distrust the arts of those venal flatterers, who subsist only by the discord of princes, and to embrace the offer of a fair and honorable treaty, equally advantageous to the republic and to the house of Constantine.
  • dimensions She was a long, black ship, lying low in the water, like a snake in the grass, with a desperate wicked look, and altogether of dishonest dimensions.

463 words made from the letters dimenishes

4 letter words made from dimenishes:

heed, meed, need, ende, mish, sehn, sede, mesh, sieh, ihde, shed, hind, mind, mine, hess, mieh, nidi, hede, hisn, edeh, nieh, mihn, mein, send, diss, dine, seen, sens, ness, midi, sein, hime, emde, dims, dehn, demi, isis, nehm, imee, nhim, imin, heim, mihi, ihme, mend, sesh, mess, deim, hide, sene, neid, dimi, ides, emin, meen, shin, heem, seed, hemi, miss, sids, dish, hiss, smin, mini, nied, deem, sees, semi, ends, inme, enim, sise, dein, sihm, neem, sins, heme, mene, seem, dsei, mien, siim, dime, eini, nisi, enid, side, sidi, sine, heen, eien, hens, dmnh, dehm, eden, smen, mehd, insh, hiei, shim, shem, sdeh.

5 letter words made from dimenishes:

hides, heiss, deiss, desse, eisen, siens, mishi, heins, hinde, meend, hense, seeis, ehime, einem, dehne, niemi, indes, dineh, demes, semde, iness, heden, imesh, ideen, enide, dinse, esens, imshi, simei, inese, senes, emden, dheim, mnisi, essen, dense, esnes, edhie, sidis, meins, niese, siese, hinds, einie, mendi, shimi, diene, simin, edens, ehden, imedi, hends, meshi, imeni, minsi, denes, semie, mesin, sedin, seems, emini, shies, mihis, shine, hedin, diehm, sined, imide, dinei, emnid, deise, shein, nihei, ehnes, mensh, nedim, sidhe, sinhs, semes, hemne, heeds, heise, nishi, minds, ishee, sidhi, heids, sindh, deens, hinse, sense, diese, meses, sides, mende, meesh, seini, siede, edhem, sheds, simes, denim, hesse, nidhi, miens, nisei, ehess, seend, sisde, siehe, semin, seine, issed, hindi, demin, nimes, issei, iines, minhe, iniss, indem, siems, medhi, indie, ensis, messi, enshi, dinis, semen, ishin, semis, mehdi, eines, seein, dhein, eisin, mined, nemes, meeds, sedis, dines, mesen, deine, sidin, eidem, shmee, sheen, emine, henss, nemed, sinse, sends, henes, hemen, deshi, nehme, sdein, sinds, desem, hemin, messe, sheni, deism, dhien, emend, sihem, idees, hendi, meiss, hiden, meden, neems, mened, seism, needs, meise, midis, inish, niess.

6 letter words made from dimenishes:

ishime, emends, dissen, heines, meines, hesdin, insmed, siimes, diemen, menses, deines, mehedi, missin, imines, denshi, heiden, shines, hemins, nimesh, medini, diesen, heisei, missen, deisms, nessim, medine, nissei, meshes, meisei, essien, inseem, demine, mishin, meishi, denime, imides, semdin, dessin, nishes, meshed, enmesh, medien, niesse, demise, mendis, hienie, dienes, shimin, hidemi, denims, seised, sheens, mehndi, senesh, inside, senshi, seined, missee, simens, messen, emesis, semini, shendi, semisi, mieses, messin, medhin, sensed, nessie, dessen, shimei, semies, seines, sindhi, snides, edness, demish, seiden, shinde, semens, isshin, mensed, sneesh, neisse, niseis, misein, shimen, meined, dishes, simien, mednis, seimei, denesh, diesin, ismene, semien, mesnes, endiem, sdeins, sheeni, siemen, miesse, sidime, dismes, shedim, sishen, emishi, missed, demens, desine, hindes, dieses, shends, enishi, seishi, hessen, shensi, sinise, eimhin, hemnes, mihied, sedins.

7 letter words made from dimenishes:

meishis, menshes, desines, seminis, insheim, inseems, mehndis, menshed, hisense, nemesis, dimness, demises, meinies, misseen, shinies, siemens, insides, shemini, nesheim, seishin, sidemen, diemens, mehendi, sindhis, shinsei, heinies.

3 letter words made from dimenishes:

hie, hnd, dim, msh, esm, hen, mei, ene, end, inh, mes, mid, med, dis, mis, sen, min, sin, nim, sse, ism, din, ese, sis, die, hem, nee, des, see, ies, hin, men, den.

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