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How to spell DINDING correctly?

If the intended word is "ceiling", possible suggestions for the misspelling "dinding" include "ceiling", "sealing" or "seeing". If the intended word is "wall", possible suggestions include "walling", "welding" or "willing".

List of suggestions on how to spell dinding correctly

  • binding The binding between the pages of the book was torn apart.
  • Dandling She was dandling her baby sister in her arms.
  • deeding They were deeding the property over to their children.
  • Denting He was angry about the denting on his car caused by a careless driver.
  • denuding The deforestation caused by illegal logging is denuding the forest cover of the region.
  • dieting I need to lose weight so I can start dieting.
  • Dinging The dinging sound of the alarm woke me up from my sleep.
  • dining
  • Dinning We were dinning at the fancy French restaurant downtown.
  • dividing She was dividing the cake when she bit into it.
  • Donning After showering, I began donning my clothes for the day.
  • Dunning I am Dionne Dunning.
  • ending
  • finding I have had a hard time finding my keys.
  • Minding Minding your own business is sometimes the best way to avoid drama.
  • tending
  • Tiding The tiding of the good news brought cheer to the small town.
  • tinging The sound of the wind chimes was tinging in the gentle breeze.
  • tinning I am tinning the roof of my shed to protect it from weathering.
  • tinting Yesterday, I spent the day tinting my car windows to keep the heat out.
  • winding The winding road seemed to go on forever as we drove through the mountains.
  • wingding I have no idea what kind of wingding my boss is planning for the holiday party.

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