Correct spelling for DINESY

We think the word dinesy is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for dinesy

  • dense By it we saw a dense shadow, that reached from the ground to three hundred feet or so above us.
  • dicey Dalrymple, 8 Darwin, 67 Davenant, 283, 287 Defoe, 8, 128, 132 Dicey, 175, 179 Disraeli, 132 Divine Right, 7, 30 Dodwell, 82 Dupont de Nemours, 292
  • dimness Silence was falling on the illuminated streets, and the dimness of midnight upon the sky through which rocket after rocket had torn its brilliant furrows.
  • dine Well, come and dine at the high table, the company is of the best and will please you.
  • diner The second diner wore one of the many elaborate uniforms that signify Ottoman officialdom.
  • dingy Fancy being expected to keep yourself alive in a dingy little flat, for ever alone, just to do that!
  • disney
  • doings
  • kinsey
  • Dies If he dies, I am a murderer!
  • Denies The modern spirit is not the spirit 'which always denies,' delighting only in destruction; still less is it that which builds castles in the air rather than not construct; it is the spirit which works and will work 'without haste and without rest,' gathering harvest after harvest of truth into its barns and devouring error with unquenchable fire."
  • Ines
  • Dingus In 1853, Mr. J.H. Johnson patented a balloon and parachute dingus which worked on the principle of a duck's foot in the mud.
  • dingoes That night we heard the dismal howling of two dingoes, who might either be giving expression to their satisfaction at finding water or to their disappointment at not having done so.
  • dines Sirrah, if any ask you for your master, Say he dines forth, and let no creature enter.
  • DINS
  • DUNS
  • DANES The Danes who remained in the land he caused to be murdered all on one day.
  • DENS We struck heartily and heavily, you may be sure, and chased the wolves back to their dens with a will.
  • DNA'S
  • DONS
  • TINS
  • denser Looking among them instinctively for Eveena, I observed that she had exchanged her usual light veil for one fuller and denser, and wore, contrary to the wont of maidens indoors, sleeves and gloves.
  • dunes
  • dings "Shoost look at doze sodden wretches, Vhite schlafes of de Witler Rings! From dere 'trunks' you vill your pockets, Und you rob dem like efery dings.
  • tines
  • tinges
  • diners Laughter bubbled among the diners, and the Bishop caught himself smiling at more than one jest.
  • Denny's He was down on his knees by Denny's side, and had taken out his pocket-book and thrown it open, displaying surgical instruments, needles, silk, and bandages.
  • dinners You must be presented at court, Lady Vargrave-we must give great dinners, Lady Vargrave.
  • mis-calculate

63 words made from the letters dinesy

4 letter words made from dinesy:

yids, sine, deyi, neys, yeni, nyse, deny, enid, dein, side, dine, neid, snye, sein, ides, enys, endy, dyne, isny, siye, yien, nied, syen, ynds, yens, yins, send, diye, dyin, dsei, dyen, ends.

3 letter words made from dinesy:

den, sin, die, syn, din, end, dys, sen, yen, yes, ies, des, dis, ney, dye.

5 letter words made from dinesy:

dynes, syned, indes, dines, snide, dinse, yendi, seydi, sined, sneyd, seyni, diyne, seyid, sidey, sdein, sedin.

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