Correct spelling for DINEY

We think the word diney is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for diney

  • dane Perhaps she bore the white flag, perhaps a Dane.
  • deny I have the right, and you can't deny it to me.
  • dicey Wife, she read the letter out loud, ez she always done, an' we noticed thet when we come to that, Mary Elizabeth slipped out o' the room; but we didn't think nothin' of it tell direc'ly ol' Dicey, she come in tickled all but to death to tell us thet the little girl was out on the po'ch with her face hid in the honeysuckle vines, cryin' thess ez hard as we was.
  • din However much din they make the others cannot reach the man in time to help, for they will have to come round from the house, and you will have mounted Robert's horse; and you and Mary together will gallop down the lane into the road, and then where you will.
  • dinar And because, after their going, it was all sad cheer at Camelot, and heavy, empty days, Sir Dinar took two of his best friends aside, both young knights, Sir Galhaltin and Sir Ozanna le Coeur Hardi, and spoke to them of riding from the Court by stealth.
  • dine "Everard, of course he must dine here if you have asked him!
  • diner Though a friend of the Simpsons, and a visitor and diner at their house, I met him not at 14 Cornwall Gardens but at a very small dinner-party in the house of a common friend.
  • ding Why must there be a Ding-an-sich?
  • dingo Yellow-Dog Dingo is drawn black, because I am not allowed to paint these pictures with real colours out of the paint-box; and besides, Yellow-Dog Dingo got dreadfully black and dusty after running through the Flinders and the Cinders.
  • dingy Her house was a dingy little hut in Mayfair, full of worthless pictures and fine old-fashioned furniture.
  • dinky Never mind your dinky little boats-take him up and show him the big fellows-the ocean greyhounds."
  • dinner "Not since dinner, suh.
  • disney Her name was Lil, and she was second-generation Disney World, her parents being among the original ad-hocracy that took over the management of Liberty Square and Tom Sawyer Island.
  • done 13,615. Is it done in pencil?
  • dune But it wud be the grandest thing that was ever dune in the Glen in oor time if it could be managed by hook or crook.
  • taney Their claim on remembrance, like William the Silent, Charles the Bold, Richard the Lion-Hearted turned upon one conspicuous thing and history will so nail that one fact down and so hammer it that it is practically impossible to effect a readjustment, as in the matter of Daniel Webster's physical condition while making his Rochester speech and of the obloquy cast upon Chief Justice Taney in the Dred-Scott decision, that the negro "had no rights that the white man was bound to respect."
  • tine White-capped, rosy-checked, bare-armed Tine had rung that bell for this group of painters for two years past-ever since Mynheer Boudier of the Bellevue over the way, who once claimed her services, had reproved Johann, the porter, for blocking up with the hotel trunks that part of the sidewalk over which the steamboat captain slid his gangplank.
  • tinny Through it poured the tinny blare of a gramophone hooting a comic song, mingled with rumbling laughter and raised voices.
  • tiny On it lay four tiny, fuzzy yellow things.
  • Dined Uncle Horace said he had dined already, and would dress at once, and so disappeared upstairs with his portmanteau.
  • Piney A few weeks later Doc had assembled a strong gang about him, rendezvoused on the Piney, a tributary of the lower Niobrara.
  • Dino Dino watched him idly for a moment, the idea passing through his mind that this was probably the rich Padrone of the sheep he had left behind him on the hill-side.
  • Dinah Dinah and Savonarola are more of the nature of prophets; Zarca and Mordecai of that of patriots.
  • Danny Danny boy, I don't believe there's a single thing in life-worth having-a fellow can get without working hard for it!"
  • Denny Doctor Slayforth, with his glasses on the end of his nose, presided at the gold scales, while Denny Slevin looked on.
  • Donny "You said it, Donny-boy," said the misty man by the billowing curtains.
  • Dina We went to the opera, Mamma and I in the 3d box in the first row, my aunt and Dina in the 2nd next to the Marvel.
  • Diane I am ten years older than you by my baptismal register, Diane; but my heart is young.
  • dines Monsieur, she dines at the Cadran-Bleu at fifty francs a head, and rolls in her carriage as if she were a princess, and despises her mother for a Colin-Lampon.

23 words made from the letters diney

4 letter words made from diney:

deny, dyin, dine, neid, dein, diye, yien, dyen, yeni, enid, endy, nied, deyi, dyne.

3 letter words made from diney:

die, din, den, end, ney, dye, yen.

5 letter words made from diney:

yendi, diyne.

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