What is the correct spelling for DIPTHONGS?

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Correct spelling for DIPTHONGS

We think the word dipthongs is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for dipthongs

  • diphthong A diphthong is a union of two vocals, commencing with one and ending with the other.
  • tongs "But I, the angel of mercy, will redeem the poor 'Akakia,'" cried the king, trying to obtain possession of the tongs.
  • pythons When one appeared in any European's compound, the latter was bound to send for the nearest Ju-Ju priest to come and remove it, for which service the priest expected a dash, id est, a present; if he did not get it, the chances were the priest would take good care to see that that European found more pythons visited him than his neighbours; and as a rule these snakes were not found until they had made a good meal of one of the white man's goats or turkeys, it came cheaper in the long run to make the usual present.
  • thongs
  • diphthongs The Tonics are the simple vowels and diphthongs.
  • cognated

366 words made from the letters dipthongs

5 letter words made from dipthongs:

pinho, hotin, tongs, pigot, goins, sodhi, oints, goshi, tinds, doits, tigon, hongi, ghosi, shino, thing, gipon, sight, sohni, dinho, gothi, shido, hings, piong, tiong, shing, dhoni, ingos, hoing, digos, pinos, thion, doshi, dints, gopis, honds, thong, isnot, hinds, dings, tions, ponts, oding, posit, sinop, opsin, donts, shoni, tonis, nighs, pints, tondi, night, higos, posin, stohn, tipon, thigs, dhoti, sidon, phong, nohit, spino, sipho, honig, pison, shong, tingo, shito, tophs, phots, piths, dongs, poids, point, hongs, gosht, oping, dison, gihon, ghoti, oshin, pogis, dhing, noshi, sitno, sonti, pingo, hogni, tosin, thins, dipso, hopin, hints, sting, ghost, itpos, pings, psion, stdng, shoin, pinto, sidth, shion, poing, tsion, dingo, gonds, pinot, shogi, indos, ohing, hosni, dinos, tsong, ponti, thons, podis, hsing, tinos, sindh, siong, stong, sidot, ingot, ghosn, thind, tings, pongs, othin, ngsit, togni, sihon, dosti, signo, ponds, onths, sgpio, piton, toshi, hiong, hoist, toing, tsing.

3 letter words made from dipthongs:

igd, don, doh, dts, god, phd, iso, top, tpn, ipo, pid, psi, nig, hip, ion, sit, sop, sot, inh, tog, ido, dig, opt, nth, tip, dos, dip, iod, dph, nod, not, hin, pig, son, idp, dog, gin, dot, pod, hot, dit, gop, nit, soh, nip, hop, tho, tin, pot, nog, ops, sth, sip, gdp, hod, thd, pst, pin, din, hnd, hog, phi, poi, tsh, stp, tod, gnp, ton, sin, dis, sod, pit.

4 letter words made from dipthongs:

ipoh, shod, noth, podi, godt, dpnh, gipn, post, host, snit, pond, hoti, gion, tipo, dogs, gohn, nosh, goti, nito, ings, tiph, hino, pion, hopi, nith, goht, itno, nips, hing, sigh, hint, stoh, tips, song, shio, phot, shot, ting, thon, snog, poin, dihg, dish, oghi, nodi, oids, togs, poth, insh, pith, hind, sing, ship, nods, tihn, dint, dots, goth, sdot, ngoh, nido, sion, pits, digs, pogi, shin, thio, dips, odin, tops, ogin, topi, pgoh, ping, ptsd, itoh, doin, phon, dogi, nits, poti, ding, pint, tihg, pots, snip, gois, gihn, thin, pons, ipho, spit, snoh, tohn, tosh, inhg, tion, sign, shit, snot, inst, iton, shop, tinh, hogi, nigh, thog, sogn, gnod, higo, gons, todi, gond, igno, togi, nhot, hits, pido, tons, poit, hodn, igon, spot, oths, hogs, dith, dong, hito, tido, pntd, otis, stop, thoi, pong, hisn, hpts, gist, pins, stih, indo, iong, ghio, ngoi, posh, idog, dohn, goit, spin, tihs, hops, gish.

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