Correct spelling for DIRATION

We think the word diration is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for diration

  • Aeration
  • It is true that an unsatisfactory condition of the water, revealed by a slight taint in the odour, or a general turbidity, or the formation of a slight scum on the surface, may sometimes be rectified by the prompt application of some method of artificial aeration, but the aim of the aquarium-keeper should be not the rectification of unsatisfactory conditions, but the establishment of such a method of aeration that the unsatisfactory condition becomes an impossibility.

  • Oration
  • Ration
  • Duration
  • His work covers the duration of the london company, and as he had access to manuscripts now destroyed the history has the value of an original document.

  • Adoration
  • She, an object of adoration to thousands, i-the much-praised beauty-a horror to myself!

  • Derision
  • The inquisitors, deprived of the support of the municipal authorities, found themselves an object of derision rather than of fear.

  • Nitration
  • Direction
  • Slowly, without a word, paul turned in her direction, pressed the spring of his lantern and flashed the light full on his wife's face.

  • Diction
  • On his musical diction the testimony of prof.

  • Gyration
  • Objects were represented by their colors only; circular horizontal streaks of color-that was all he saw. he had been caught in a vortex and was being whirled on with a velocity of advance and gyration that made him giddy and sick.

  • Dilution
  • We have previously seen that one hundred pounds of fermentable matter consists of eight pounds of hydrogen, twenty-eight of carbon, and sixty-four pounds of oxygen; we have also seen that about thirty-five pounds of carbon is extricated and detached from this quantity of fermentable matter, properly diluted in water during fermentation; allowing the usual quantity of spirit at the same time to be formed by the process of this superfluous carbon, (as it now appears) must come principally from that decomposition of the water of dilution, and not from saccharine matter employed, which contains altogether but twenty-eight pounds of carbon, the whole of which must necessarily go to the formation of the fifty-seven pounds of dry alcohol produced.

  • Dilation
  • Viral cardiomyopathy occurs when viral infections cause myocarditis with a resulting thickening of the myocardium and dilation of the ventricles.

  • Donation
  • A large donation was given by him to the second grinnell arctic expedition.

279 words made from the letters diration

4 letter words made from diration:

5 letter words made from diration:

aidin, driti, ation, riano, daini, aodin, aridi, tanii, itard, darii, nardo, dorta, irido, tondi, doira, tinio, dairi, idant, ridin, atoni, ionia, tiran, dorna, indra, danti, todai, dnrta, otira, ritan, otani, trion, nidar, raidi, naito, dotar, torda, riant, driot, datin, drain, aitor, indri, ornda, radin, dorai, dirnt, irati, drant, tiano, indro, radon, nirad, odair, aroid, trani, irion, nitro, randt, ditan, torna, adoni, diran, raion, intra, ordan, inari, rando, drita, ianto, ranid, anido, rinat, danto, aidoi, tandi, inadi, indir, orant, natio, rodin, rinoa, artin, otari, otard, iodan, radio, daito, oiran, rodna, torii, rodat, rodia, nirta, diani, nodar, narod, noria, drini, nario, idiot, doina, iatro, dorin, rindt, iniad, nidra, oirad, ratio, dinar, donar, rioni, orani, danio, train, oirat, nitid, aidit, rinta, iodin, artio, nadir, irani, atrio, india, intar, tardi, todar, intro, tiida, niari, inori, aiton, ariot, nitra, adorn, iaido, raido, dotan, donta, niota, niort, nairi, triad, aditi, drona, rotan, radoi, airod, onair, ratin, trian, nitai.

3 letter words made from diration:

iod, not, dit, rid, ado, oar, ton, ain, ion, ani, ira, ida, nod, tor, dot, nit, tad, rad, ant, rio, tod, don, nad, rod, tar, tia, rit, rot, rna, tao, ido, aid, tin, rat, tri, doa, art, din, tan, dia, air, dat, oat, dna, tai, ron.