Correct spelling for DIREATION

We think the word direation is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for direation

  • Nitration
  • Derogation
  • If the view i have now taken of the subject be correct; if i have succeeded in conveying to his majesty's ministers the conviction i myself feel that no right exists in any foreign nation to ask explanations of or even to notice any communications between the different branches of our government; that to admit it even in a single instance would be a dangerous precedent and a derogation from national dignity, and that in the present instance an explanation that ought to be satisfactory has been voluntarily given, i have then demonstrated that any measure founded on such supposed right is not only inadmissible, but is totally unnecessary, and consequently that his majesty's ministers may at once declare that previous explanations given by the minister of the united states, and subsequently approved by the president, had satisfied them on the subject of the message.

  • Direction
  • All eyes were turned to the direction whence it came.

  • Oration
  • Ration
  • Creation
  • Immediately after the first congress, herzl grappled with his second task, the creation of the jewish colonial bank.

  • Derivation
  • The names are often of latin derivation; thus saturio, in pers.

  • Dilation
  • Office-based balloon sinus dilation: a prospective, multicenter study of 203 patients".

  • Donation
  • Two sets of these were transcribed, together with his letter to the nurse of prince juan, containing a circumstantial and eloquent vindication of his rights; and two letters to the bank of st. george, at genoa, assigning to it the tenth of his revenues, to be employed in diminishing the duties on corn and other provisions;-a truly benevolent and patriotic donation, intended for the relief of the poor of his native city.

  • Duration
  • It was of but a second's duration, yet it seemed to search every nook of her being with its subtle power.

  • Adoration
  • Still it is worth more than to say mass and to ring the bell for the adoration of the creator.

  • Digression
  • The road which led to them was barred by the trunk of an old, half-rotten tree,-a breton method of enclosure the name of which may furnish, further on, a digression which will complete the characterization of this region.

  • Aeration
  • Aeration occurs passively by the natural flow of air through the process (three phase biofilter) or by forced air supplied by blowers.

  • Deletion
  • Save browsing history forever until manual deletion.

  • Striation
  • Derision
  • Song in defeat was a hiss of derision to him.

  • Gyration
  • Diction
  • 92. when is our diction pure?

  • Dilution
  • The arnica is to be taken internally at a higher dilution.

  • Iteration

583 words made from the letters direation

3 letter words made from direation:

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5 letter words made from direation:

idiot, otard, denio, ntare, diani, roden, earnt, artio, idite, doira, daiei, ionia, aditi, aoide, nirta, drita, nitid, roate, daten, deori, tenri, areni, oread, doina, adone, drant, ideon, todea, niort, tiden, indie, nitra, onder, deiro, aidin, detro, reino, torda, dorin, ordan, raido, niota, aidit, todai, intar, drona, neato, diate, dorte, arent, ndeti, otari, ertan, tiner, triad, inori, iniad, anted, dinei, tinea, erdan, trade, airod, irone, indre, terai, orani, ratio, atend, ditan, trend, anier, rinoa, diner, danti, dotar, irati, rieti, inder, itard, rindt, drini, tiein, tinio, daner, treni, nario, onair, denar, iater, rodna, tandi, ranid, noder, danio, niari, treon, raide, dotan, rinat, tardi, inite, orena, orent, intro, drone, datin, eiron, irate, atoni, tanii, naito, aneto, randt, erian, oteri, aridi, retia, nerad, drain, dorna, teiid, irani, toein, danto, renai, roten, reato, noria, retno, dirne, tendo, arone, iodin, raidi, iinet, ordet, ritan, atrio, indri, derna, aodin, oiran, rande, redon, teian, tined, naret, teria, onate, dnrta, tiano, diena, toine, ornda, artin, nidre, aerdi, dorai, tread, raite, aroid, denti, anter, orten, orate, dorne, toder, rotan, odair, erion, nored, rinta, norea, nadir, trani, torne, donar, nerio, ariot, radon, dreno, nitai, adorn, trion, toned, einai, radoi, teano, odier, erato, riano, doner, tiran, indir, adire, train, ronte, tenor, oaten, nairi, irido, rione, deair, niter, doten, rodin, intra, terna, adeno, otira, ratin, etian, otani, darii, tenir, nardo, inert, riant, nirad, rando, drane, roine, narod, radin, trine, ation, oirat, anido, donta, adeni, dairi, oirad, orant, aired, indeo, adret, driot, indro, orden, terao, daini, irena, tondi, tenia, taide, arine, intoe, raden, raeti, darne, rodat, inetd, troie, raion, atire, eatin, naide, terni, todar, aitor, irion, ianto, iatro, atone, driti, deira, iaido, indra, radio, dorta, inter, adore, aidoi, nodar, roade, entia, renta, idant, treno, inadi, torna, nidra, itoen, ridin, rioni, detar, tieri, inari, tiida, trian, tieon, india, torii, nidar, netra, retin, doren, oater, nieto, toner, daito, doire, noted, dinar, derai, noite, diran, iodan, noire, nitre, dirnt, einat, aiton, tried, anode, odein, nitro, adoni, rotie, itera, dante, natio, rodia, tired, edain.