Correct spelling for DISCTION

We think the word disction is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for disction

  • Bisection(Definition of bisection)
  • This theory evades the difficulties raised by the hypothesis of deliberate reformatory legislation introducing the bisection of the tribe into exogamous societies.

  • Section(Definition of section)
  • These pieces are then wrapped in a larger section of leaf.

  • Desiccation(Definition of desiccation)
  • Compelled to abandon their homes on account of the desiccation or drying up of large tracts of their country, which were converted into a desert, they swarmed into armenia and persia in quest of new pasture-lands for their flocks and cattle.

  • Suction(Definition of suction)
  • Stacks used with forced blast should be of such size as to insure a slight suction in the furnace under any conditions of operation.

  • Diction(Definition of diction)
  • The federalist papers, though written in a somewhat ponderous diction, are among the great landmarks of american history, and were in themselves a political education to the generation that read them.

  • Discussion(Definition of discussion)
  • Bethel sat down by the fire, and a discussion followed about matters of which harry knew nothing.

  • Discretion(Definition of discretion)
  • His mind ranged with the quickness of lightning from the deep-toned logic and the profoundest thought to the eccentric ludicrous-all balanced by the equilibrium of discretion and each used at the appropriate time and place.

  • Midsection
  • Something caught him under the chin, straightened him. when he was straight a pile driver struck him in the midsection.

  • Trisection(Definition of Trisection)
  • Dissections
  • Their novels are party pamphlets on political or social questions, like sybil, or alton locke, or mary barton, or uncle tom; or they are the most minute and painful dissections of the least agreeable and beautiful parts of our nature, like those of miss bronte-jane eyre and villette; or they are a kind of martyrology, like mrs. marsh's emilia wyndham, which makes you almost doubt whether any torments the heroine would have earned by being naughty could exceed those she incurred by her virtue.

  • Dislocation(Definition of dislocation)
  • The boy was one of those untameable young lords of misrule that frolic and chafe themselves through nursery and preparatory and public-school days with the utmost allowance of storm and dust and dislocation and the least possible amount of collar-work, and come somehow with a laugh through a series of catastrophes that has reduced everyone else concerned to tears or cassandra-like forebodings.

  • Depiction(Definition of depiction)
  • I am but an author, and no pen-and-ink depiction of life would be complete without the shade and shadow of sorrow.

  • Digestion(Definition of digestion)
  • They were good about that; they were in no frame of digestion for cookies.

  • Dissection(Definition of dissection)
  • At the surgeon general's library in washington, in one of the early printed editions of mondino's work, the frontispiece shows a young woman making the dissection before him preparatory to his lecture.

  • Direction(Definition of direction)
  • Instead, he followed swiftly in the direction in which mr. button had disappeared.

138 words made from the letters disction

5 letter words made from disction:

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3 letter words made from disction:

dot, con, nod, ido, dts, son, cns, cst, iso, dis, sit, cos, sin, sod, ion, scd, tic, not, tin, cot, cio, oct, don, dos, doc, sot, nsc, sic, iod, tod, cis, nit, ton, otc, din, dit.

4 letter words made from disction: