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How to spell DISSHEART correctly?

For those who misspell "dissheart" as "dissheart", it's important to offer correct alternatives. The correct spelling is "dishearten", meaning to discourage or demoralize. Another option is "disheartened", the past tense of dishearten. By using these correct spellings, your writing will be more effective and accurate.

List of suggestions on how to spell dissheart correctly

  • Dessert I always save room for dessert after enjoying a satisfying meal.
  • Dipshit I can't believe he said that, what a dipshit!
  • Discharge The doctor will discharge the patient from the hospital once they have fully recovered.
  • Discharged The doctor discharged the patient from the hospital after determining they were fully recovered.
  • Discharger The discharger was responsible for safely removing the ammunition from the guns.
  • Discharges The factory regularly discharges wastewater into the nearby river.
  • Discreet He made sure to have a discreet conversation with his colleague in a private room so that nobody else could hear them.
  • Dishearten The constant criticisms from her family began to dishearten her, affecting her self-confidence.
  • Dishevel She emerged from the intense workout completely disheveled, with sweat-soaked hair and a disheveled t-shirt.
  • Dishware I need to buy new dishware for my kitchen because some of my plates and bowls are chipped.
  • Disinherit My father threatened to disinherit me if I didn't agree to his demands.
  • Disorient The sudden change in lighting disoriented the theater audience.
  • Disquiet The eerie silence that filled the room was disquieting, making everyone feel a sense of unease.
  • Dissect The scientist proceeded to dissect the specimen, carefully examining each organ and tissue.
  • Dissent There was a strong dissent among the members of the committee, with some expressing their disagreement with the proposed plan.
  • Dissever The surgeon proceeded to dissever the conjoined twins, successfully separating them into two distinct individuals.
  • Dissevered The earthquake dissevered the town, causing widespread destruction and displacement of its residents.
  • Dissevers The earthquake was so powerful that it dissevers the ground, causing massive destruction.
  • Dissident The dissident openly criticized the government's oppressive policies.
  • Dissonant The dissonant notes in the song created an unsettling and discordant mood.
  • Dissuade I tried to dissuade him from going on the dangerous hiking expedition.
  • Dissuaded Her friends tried to dissuade her from quitting her stable job to pursue her passion for acting.
  • Dissuades My fear of failure dissuades me from taking risks in my career.
  • Distraint The landlord filed for distraint to recover the unpaid rent from the tenant.
  • Distrait He appeared distrait during the meeting, constantly checking his phone and not paying attention to the discussion.
  • Dithered She dithered between ordering the steak or the salmon at the restaurant.
  • Ditherer John is known as a ditherer because he always hesitates and can never make a decision.
  • Dossier The detective compiled a thorough dossier on the suspect, including their personal information and criminal history.
  • Dossiers The private investigator compiled extensive dossiers on each suspect to present to the police.
  • Dustsheet I covered the furniture with a dustsheet before starting to paint the walls.
  • Fishier The more excuses he made, the fishier his story became.
  • Fishiest That restaurant's "fresh seafood" claim seems fishiest to me, considering there is no coast anywhere near here.
  • iShares I decided to invest in iShares, an international market exchange-traded fund, to diversify my portfolio.
  • Mishear During the concert, I could barely hear the lyrics and often misheard them.
  • Misheard I misheard her name as Sarah instead of Mary.
  • Mishears She often mishears lyrics of songs and creates her own hilarious versions.
  • Misshape The car accident misshaped the once perfectly round wheel.
  • Misshaped The misshaped vase wobbled precariously on the edge of the shelf.
  • Misshapen The artist sculpted a misshapen figure, intentionally distorting the human form.
  • Misshapes The sculptor was known for creating unique and unconventional sculptures, with misshapes that challenged traditional artistic norms.
  • Sissier
  • Sissiest He looked at his new pink shirt and thought it was the sissiest thing he had ever worn.

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