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How to spell DISSHEARTING correctly?

If you've mistakenly spelled "Disshearting", fear not, there are easy suggestions to rectify this. The correct word you might be looking for is "Disheartening", which means causing discouragement or disappointment. It's essential to double-check spelling to convey your message accurately and avoid confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell Disshearting correctly

  • Discharging The hospital is discharging the patient today as he has made a full recovery.
  • Dishearten The constant criticism disheartened her and made her question her abilities.
  • Disheartening It is disheartening to see so many talented individuals being overlooked for promotions.
  • Disheartens The constant criticism from her peers disheartens her and makes her question her own abilities.
  • Disheveling The strong wind gusts were disheveling my neatly combed hair.
  • Disinheriting Disinheriting his estranged son was a difficult decision for the wealthy businessman.
  • Disorienting The disorienting maze was filled with identical corridors and confusing turns.
  • Disquieting The disquieting news of the sudden increase in crime rate left the entire community feeling uneasy.
  • Dissecting The biology students spent hours dissecting frogs in the lab to examine their internal organs.
  • Dissenting There were a few dissenting voices during the meeting, expressing their disagreement with the proposed plans.
  • Dissevering The dissevering of their relationship was painful, but necessary for both parties to find happiness.
  • Dissipating The storm clouds were dissipating, allowing the sun to finally shine through.
  • Dissociating After experiencing trauma, she found herself dissociating from reality as a way to cope with the overwhelming emotions.
  • Mishearing I apologized for mishearing the question and gave the correct response.

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