How to spell DIUGHTY correctly?

We think the word diughty is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell diughty correctly

  • aught Manfred had risen at the first dawn of light, and gone to Hippolita's apartment, to inquire if she knew aught of Isabella.
  • bight This region of the Bight of Benin is one of enormous timber wealth, and the development of this of late years has been great, adding the name of Timber Ports to the many other names this particular bit of West Africa bears, the Timber Ports being the main ports of the French Ivory Coast, and the English port of Axim on the Gold Coast.
  • daughter I will call my daughter.
  • deity Besides this Deity, they believe in numerous evil spirits, the chief of whom is the Demon of the Woods.
  • digit The Thuringians cut rounded pockets, a digit in diameter and depth, in the head of the sluice, and at the same time they cut grooves reaching from one to another.
  • dimity And when the orders from Noose Gulch, Nevada, are for those plain dimity curtains instead of the cheap and gaudy Nottingham atrocities, there is conveyed to the mind a fact of immense, of overwhelming significance.
  • dingy One or two engravings hung on the wall and a dingy portrait in an old frame.
  • dirty He jerked a dirty thumb toward the stairs.
  • dishy Dance to thy daddy, sing to thy mammy, Dance to thy daddy, to thy mammy sing; Thou shalt have a fishy on a little dishy, Thou shalt have a fishy when the boat comes in.
  • ditto 10. Another large ffount of ditto, never used, cast in Holland.
  • ditty And don't neglect to take what sailors call a "ditty-bag."
  • dotty Dotty made no objection.
  • dough This dough is taken out of the cylinder and spread on an iron table, over which enormous rollers pass until they have pressed the mass into a sheet two inches thick.
  • doughty I am not the doughty type.
  • doughy The doughy texture was a huge disappointment.
  • drought Sadly, this year's drought has forced many farmers out of business.
  • duchy I am a member of the nobility.
  • duet We performed a duet on stage.
  • dusty
  • duty I have a duty to my customers.
  • eight
  • eighty In the year 1880, there were an estimated eighty births in the city.
  • fight
  • haughty
  • light I need to find my lightbulb before I can finish my work.
  • might
  • mighty The lion was mighty brave.
  • night I have a busy night ahead of me.
  • ought You ought to talk to your parents.
  • right I can't believe he would do something so wrong.
  • sight The sight of her brought tears to his eyes.
  • taught She had been taught to sew by her grandmother.
  • tight I always tighten my belt before I go jogging.
  • tightly She tightened her grip around his waist.
  • tights My aunt always wears tighties when she comes over.
  • weighty
  • wight
  • Tighter They are warning of a tighter economy this year.
  • Dwight I tried to warn them, but they wouldn't listen to me.
  • doughtier She was more doughier than I expected.
  • Daugherty The jurors who sat in the case were H. M. Goodrich, W. S. Peabody, Eli Daugherty, R. S. Permar, Edward Bates, L. M. Sprague, C. M. Birdsall, Watson Holyer, W. S. Hurd, W. H. Levain, Robert Tait and Dwight S. Thompson.
  • naughty

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