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How to spell DIVIES correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "divies" instead of a correct word, here are a few suggestions that might fit the context: "divides", "delves", "dies", "dives", "dimes" or "dries". Double-check the intended word in order to accurately convey your message and avoid confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell divies correctly

  • Davies
  • davis Davis is a common last name in the United States.
  • defies The acrobat's stunning performance defies gravity.
  • deifies The character in the book deifies his hero without understanding their flaws.
  • devices There are many different devices that can be used to capture and record data.
  • devises She devises a plan to get out of the difficult situation.
  • Dies He dies in the end.
  • DIVAS Not all divas are courtly ladies.
  • dive I love to watch dolphins dive into the ocean.
  • diver The diver swam down to the ocean floor to explore the coral reef.
  • divers The beach was filled with divers exploring the coral reef.
  • Dives Dives, the notorious billionaire, owned a fleet of luxury yachts.
  • divest
  • divide I need to divide the cake into equal slices for everyone at the party.
  • dividers He used dividers to measure the length of the room.
  • divides
  • divine The priest spoke of how the divine power of God had healed the sick.
  • diviners The diviners were consulted to predict the outcome of the upcoming war.
  • divines The divines of the ancient world were revered for their wisdom and knowledge of the gods.
  • divvies Divvies up the loot and head to our secret spot to celebrate our victory.
  • doves
  • Drives
  • edifies Reading books edifies the mind and expands one's knowledge.
  • ives Ives handed the wine bottle to Rebecca.
  • Ivies The Ivies are a group of eight prestigious universities located in the northeastern United States.

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