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How to spell DIVIESE correctly?

If you meant to type "diviese", you may have intended to write "diverse". This word refers to a wide range of people or things, indicating variety or difference. It's essential to proofread your work to catch misspellings and present accurate information.

List of suggestions on how to spell diviese correctly

  • Davies
  • devise The engineer had to devise a new plan after discovering a critical flaw in the original design.
  • diciest The project's diciest task was convincing the CEO to approve the budget increase.
  • diocese The bishop of the diocese oversees all the churches in the area.
  • diverse Our team is made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences.
  • dives He dives into the water with perfect form.
  • divest The company decided to divest its non-core assets and focus on its primary business.
  • divide I need to divide the cake into eight equal pieces.
  • divides The river divides the town into two distinct neighborhoods.
  • divine The priest claimed that the healing of the sick was a divine miracle.
  • divines The divines believed that prayer was integral to living a pious life.
  • divinest The divinest feeling I experience is when I am able to help others.
  • divvies During the group project, we divvied up the responsibilities equally among all team members.
  • ivies The ivies were creeping up the wall of the abandoned house.

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